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6 Steps to the Power of Positive Thinking

If there is one thing I’d like for you to never forget is that if you could really grasp the power of positive thinking, it would blow your mind.  Now it should not be that difficult to go around each day thinking predominantly positive thoughts, but do you realize that the majority of people sway toward the negative?  Think about it. While you’re at work do more people tend to complain or sit around talking about awesome things?  Many people tend to be pessimistic, but if they understood the power of positive thinking, they’d change in a hurry.

I know you want to live authentically with power in your life, so take heed to the following steps so that you can understand and walk in the power of positive thinking.

6 Steps to the power of positive thinking


Focus on what you want.

The law of attraction asserts that like attracts like, so if you want positive things in your life, focus on positive things. Don’t sit around thinking about the bills or how you’re single or that you didn’t get that promotion.  Do not focus on the negative! Focus on the things you want. Write down your desires. Daydream about them. Talk about them.  Then the power of positive thinking goes into action.

Believe that you have what you want

Once you’ve set in motion your desires and you’re thinking about them all the time, believe that you already have them. That might sound a bit odd to you, but the fact that you actually believe it and even feel happy about it NOW sends out positive vibrations that actually attract those things you want.  Think of your thoughts and happy vibes as a boomerang that go out and pick up the things you actually want, returning to you sooner or later.  That is powerful!

Keep yourself stirred up.

Losing steam or motivation can happen to the best of us.  Keep yourself stirred up by keeping positive things in front of you. Read inspirational and motivational literature. Watch videos that get you pumped.  Do whatever works for you to feel happy now, as this will help you walk in the power of positive thinking.

Be open to learn.

Take it easy on yourself and be open to learn.  You might have a bad day here or there, but brush yourself off and get back on the positivity train.  Learn from your everyday life experiences. If you tend to become negative when you’re tired, get more sleep and/or don’t make major decisions when you’re tired.  If you find yourself feeling down after hanging out with a certain person, either talk to this person about such or limit your time with him or her.  Be open to learn.

Be grateful

Gratitude does wonders when it comes to maintaining a positive attitude.  When you’re feeling negative, make a list of everything that you’re grateful for. When you’re feeling happy you can do the same.  Wake up each morning saying, “Thank you!” and occasionally throughout the day contemplate all the good in your life.

Be patient

Live each day content with what occurs.  Be grateful for the good and optimistic about your present and your future.  If you find yourself getting frustrated because what you want hasn’t arrived, understand that your frustration may repel it from ever coming.  Learn to accept what is right now and utilize the power of positive thinking for what is to come.  Many things do not happen in our timing and that’s alright. There really is a reason for everything and we don’t always have to know what that reason is.

Some people might frown upon the whole power of positive thinking mentality, but who in their right mind wants to go around thinking and feeling negative all the time?  It just might be easier for some, but it doesn’t get them anywhere.  Become a person who values the power of positive thinking and you’ll find that you feel better, more content, and more positive things do in fact come your way.


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