As a recognized expert in motivational speaking and life transformation concepts, Jacob Nawrocki has reached over a half million people with his top-rated podcast and high impact presentations, and as a best selling author.

Jacob knows how to accelerate personal achievement and reach business success. He has created a proven method and framework to help people create breakthrough results in any stage of life.

“He is a natural-born teacher who loves to challenge, motivate, and have the audience walk away with actionable ideas.”
-Jill Spielmann

Relating to audiences with his real life stories, high-energy, stand-up comedy style will have them laughing out loud and empowered with powerful, actionable strategies to take their productivity and results to levels beyond what they have ever accomplished before.

Jake has delivered his innovative presentations all over the country to:

-Youth groups and organizations
-High school & College students
-Nonprofits and Charities
-Entrepreneur organizations
-Fortune 1,000 companies


His presentation will provide your group with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is guaranteed to produce lasting results.

“Jake has a message of success for your audience, in a fun and entertaining style that will make your entire organization shift into high-gear, both personally and professionally.” Melissa Krivachek



Youth/ College/ High school Presentations:


  • Decision-making
  • Leadership Development
  • Motivation
  • Officer Training
  • Personal Growth
  • Self-esteem
  • Goal Setting
  • Inspiration
  • Athletics

Signature Keynotes:

Don’t Extinguish Your Fire                 {Student goal setting and motivation}
Success in the Palm of Your Hand   {Students reaching success in school and life}


Don’t Extinguish Your Fire   (25 – 90 minutes)
“Set a fire with your goals in mind”

In this high-energy, story-driven presentation, Jacob takes stories tales his ten years in the fire service and mashes them with his expertise in personal development.

Jacob shares the power of setting goals and keeping that passion burning to reach them. Harvard Business School conducted a study and surveyed 100 students who graduated from Harvard. This study found that 3% of the graduated students became successful, 30% are moderately successful, and the other 67% have not reached success. The significant difference between the 3% who are successful and the rest of the graduates is that they have written down specific goals.

Setting goals is the key to reaching success personally and in business, relationships, health, and the overall enjoyment of life. Everyone knows the importance of goals but few actually take time to set them. The main reasons are distractions, lack of confidence, and simply not knowing how to do so, the #1 reason. Just like starting a fire you need to know how to set up fire before you enjoy the light and warmth. The same applies to goals. It’s not hard to do; it’s just different.

Learning Outcomes:

  • -Students will learn to find what they want in life. This is a deeper examination of their goals than they have ever experienced.
  • -Learn the right way to set goals. The reason most people don’t have goals or haven’t written them down is because they don’t know how to.
  • -A proven framework is taught to help the student to stay on point when distractions, lack of confidence, change of their wants in life, and failures come into their lives.


Success in the Palm of Your Hand   (30 minutes – 2 hours)
“6 simple words to creating success in school and life”

Success is something we all want but only a few reach. Being a student and achieving success do not usually go hand in hand. In this presentation Jacob wants to change that. Students are in a position to reach success now. They have the resources, guidance, and help to reach success in school, but what happens when they get put into the world? Jacob wants to help build the bridge from success in school and take it into the real world, after they graduate.

This presentation is built to inspire and prove success can be obtained as long as you live by the fundamental six steps.

Jacob is a success junkie and has boiled down principles to help anyone reach success. These six steps are delivered and paired with inspiring stories and an easy framework that will impact the students deeper than they ever thought.

Jacob will go into great detail on the concepts of gratitude, leadership, attitude, love, help, and belief. These words will not only help the audience reach success but they will also help instill a better work ethic, create a more enthusiastic personality, and help increase their chances of reaching success. These words can help anyone who learns them, but Jacob will tailor the presentation specifically to your audience.

These six words were not thought of on a whim. They have been used and implemented many times over, and they get results.

Learning Outcomes:

      • -The importance of having a successful mindset now to help you later in life.
      • -Finding what success means to you and why you should strive for it (it’s more than becoming rich and famous)
      • -Students will learn a proven system to carry with them now and into their professional careers.
      • - Students will learn that being a hard worker is not enough. They will understand that they need to become their best daily to make an impact on the world.



Corporate/ Nonprofit/ Association Presentations:


            • Personal Branding
            • Real Estate Management
            • Time Management
            • Accountability
            • Promotional Preparation
            • Motivation (High Energy)
            • Peak/High Performance
            • Communication
            • Creativity
            • Productivity
            • Stress Management
            • Entrepreneurial life balance
            • CEO/ Management Leadership
            • Personal Leadership
            • Team Building
            • Workplace Attitude

Signature Keynote

Power Player Advantage
Organized Chaos

**This presentation will be specifically tailored to the corporation, nonprofit, or association that will be hiring Jacob Nawrocki. A 45-minute call will be included to understand your organization’s needs and specific topics given to maximize results.

Power Play Advantage (25 minutes – 4 hours)
“Work like you are on a power play”

Wikipedia considers a power play in hockey when at least one opposing player is serving a penalty, and the other team has a numerical advantage on the ice. In basic terms it means you have the advantage.

How would you like to show up to work with having a power play advantage every single day? If you did have that advantage, what would happen? Would you be more productive, embrace change, be more creative, and would you increase your confidence in and out of the office?

It’s hard to identify the exact effects one would feel, but we can all agree it’s better to be on a power play than not to be.

This is a high-energy and high-impact presentation geared to increase the output of all members of your corporation, team, or the individual. No matter the objective or desired outcome, showing up with a power play advantage will generate more income, build a creative mindset, increase productivity, and take your company to the next level.

The power play advantage presentation is backed with personal stories, documented case studies, and a proven framework to help get your team to have the advantage.

Learning Outcomes:

            • -Why you need to turn on the power play advantage.
            • -Transform challenges, failures, and rejections into opportunities.
            • -Refuse thinking small and broaden your ideas to fit the power play life style.
            • -Grab hold of the proven framework to get yourself and team into the power play mindset.


Second home   (30 minutes – 4 hours)
“Building a solid company culture, just like the firehouse”


If you want to build a solid company culture, I suggest you look at fire service. It’s more relatable to your organization than you might think.

The fire service is built on having a group of individuals from different backgrounds stay in a firehouse for 24 hours to 48 hours. These men and women are eating, sleeping, working, entertaining, and sometimes getting on each other’s nerves. With over 10 years with the Milwaukee Fire Department, Jacob has experienced what it is like to be in a small home with ten strangers.

Your corporation may not have as close quarters as the firehouse but we all have the same issues. Technology, a busier home life, and lack of getting to know someone on a personal level can destroy your organization’s culture quickly.

Company culture has changed from hanging around the water cooler and break room to now sitting at your desk texting, updating, or shopping online. The same lack of interaction applies to the firehouse.

When Jacob first joined the fire service in 2004 there were no smartphones, Wi-Fi, or even cable TV. Today’s landscape has changed; every firehouse now has cable TV, and Wi-Fi, and the days of getting other members soaked as firehouse jokes are now over, because all of us have smartphones in our pockets.

So how can we build a solid company culture? It’s easier that you think and it will bring your company closer than you ever imagined. The firehouse has changed but its members will never lose trust, loyalty, and support for the other members in the firehouse. Jacob will teach your organization the same principles that are keeping the firehouse fun, organized, and solid.

This presentation is paired with laugh-out-loud stories, speech interaction with other audience members, and an understanding of why solid company culture is the new company success.
Learning outcomes:

                  • -How to build a new company culture and allow it to be accepted by all members
                  • -Why we should take the time needed to know someone on a personal level
                  • -Embrace technology and use it to your company’s advantage
                  • -Develop a deeper connection to your career than just a job



Jacob Nawrocki spends a considerable amount of time preparing for each program to ensure it is customized to meet your specific needs. He tailors each presentation with appropriate content, humor, visual aids, and group participation. All preparation and planning time are included in his fee.

There are no hidden fees, making it easy to budget expenses when you book Jacob Nawrocki for your next keynote or presentation.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure a date. We will secure a confirmed hold on a date upon receipt of the signed contract and deposit.
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