Hey, I’m Jake Nawrocki, the founder of Operation Self Reset.

Ever wish you could...

  • Build up your self-confidence
  • Find your true calling in life
  • Want to get out of your comfort zone and see -Stay motivated daily
  • Remove distractions that are holding you back -Find that focus to reach your goals
  • Have that positive mental mindset daily -Discover self-discipline within
  • Improve your overall life
  • Interact with others you strive to be
  • Uncover qualities you never knew were there -Believe in yourself
  • Say “I can” more times than “I can’t”
  • Set ridiculous goals and reach them
Or if you’ve ever just needed someone help you transform your life ...You’re in the RIGHT place!
Jake fills the gap that has been missing in self-help books, seminars, and techniques. He gives real stories, tips, and can use now information.
Donna K.
York, NY

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Here’s the deal:

How can you find the time to change the person you are to the person you want to be...while working a full-time job...while raising a family...while trying to finish school....while completing that project for the job you hate.....while trying to be social with your friends, family, and significant other? Instead of digging through hundreds of self-help books, thousands of unhelpful articles, and wasting your precious time and money on so called “experts”
…Subscribe to Operation Self Reset (it’s free), and you’ll get PROVEN tactics, tips, strategies, and REAL stories from people who made a change for the better in their own lives.

And the best part? I’ll cut through the fluff, showing you exactly what works for others and how you can start implementing it into your own life today. All because I like you have struggled and I finally had enough. I dove down the rabbit hole of self-help and I didn’t like what I found. So that is why Operation Self Reset became what it is today. I scrape through all the psychological research, case studies, and personal story of success into INSANELY PRACTICAL TIPS that you can start benefiting from RIGHT THIS SECOND.

The Blog, the Podcast, and the Videos

Introducing Operation Self Reset (The Blog, the Podcast, and the Videos)
Operation Self Reset is a thriving (and fast growing) community of people like you who want to become more... more motivated... more self-confident... more understanding of their true potential... MORE. There are three main features of Operation Self Reset. There’s the blog, the podcast, and the videos. When you subscribe for free email updates, you’ll gain access to all three PLUS exclusive “email only” material. Here’s what each “feature” is all about:

Operation Self Reset Blog,

is where you’ll get proven information, tips, tactics, and stories that you can use in your life. Some tips are about staying motivated when you feel you can’t. Others are about getting yourself outside your comfort zone. Use any of them to get more of what you want.

Operation Self Reset Podcast,

this is where I interview New York Times best-selling authors, world-renowned researchers, and truly successful people who transformed their lives for the better. I also share proven tips on the subjects of time management, public speaking, goal setting, and MORE. I get them to reveal some of their most powerful and life changing-tips and then I ask them to break it down so you can take advantage of these tips in your own life. Past guests have included:
• Mike Thornton who is a Medal of Honor recipient and an orginal member of seal team six. He shared ways to stay mentally tough when times get their worst.
• Corey Wadden who proclaimed to the world he wanted to make one million dollars in two years with no experience in business ever. He shared how he overcame people telling him he would never do it.
• Nate Holzapfel who started with only an idea and an internal passion of achieving his dream. Within a year he landed a huge contract and is living proof of setting goals and reaching them.

Operation Self Reset Videos

are short 3 to 10-minute videos where I’ll share a simple tactic or strategy that you can use to get results TODAY. Past videos are about “finding your true passion,” “how to stay focused when your mind is all over the place,” and more.