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Operation Self Reset Episode 43: Set Up Goals With A Plan

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking about goals and creating a plan.

A recent survey showed that 97% of Americans do not set goals for themselves. Why is that? Are we afraid of goals? Do we think we don’t need them? Or do we just not know how to set goals?

Actually, yes to all of those! There are usually four reasons why people don’t set goals: Fear, poor self-image, they don’t think they need goals, and they don’t know where to start. Each of these problems can be easily overcome and in this episode, Jake gives some tips on how to move past fear and poor self-image, and explains why we need goals and how to begin setting them.

If you don’t set goals for yourself, how will you grow as a person and develop your skills? Goals help give us purpose in life and ignite passion for trying new things or learning new skills. Studies show that people who set goals make more than twice as much on average as people who don’t set goals. But setting goals isn’t just about finances, it’s about your self-worth and your happiness. You can push yourself to accomplish things you never imagined you could do just by setting goals for your life.

What are your goals? What have you always wanted to do in your life? Start setting goals—even if they’re small ones—and work your way toward changing your life.


Featured Quote of the Day

“To find the exact answer, one must first ask the exact question.” - By Tobin Webster, sent in by James Hill, Kentucky

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Here’s what Jake talked about in this episode:

  • Moving past the fears
  • Fighting against the “I’m not good enough” mentality
  • Why we need goals
  • How to set goals


Mentioned in This Episode

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  • Operation Self Reset survey


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As Jake says, it’s dangerous to set goals and not reach them, but it’s even more dangerous to never set goals and never push yourself forward.

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