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I came across Shawn Reeder a few months back.  When I stumbled over his video I was in awe.  It was amazing!  When you see his video I know you will have the same impression.

Nature is something that surrounds all of us.  At times we love it and other times we hate it.  I live in the upper Midwest so I don’t care for it come winter time.  I have been raised to respect and understand what Mother Earth can give to us.   It’s easy to forget about her until you need her for an outdoor party, nice vacation, or just wanting that vitamin D to keep your body staying healthy.

The reason why I contacted Shawn is because I see his passion and understanding of Earth through his work.  He shows the beauty of the sky, sunrise, sunset, mountains, clouds, and every other part of nature.  When I reached out to Shawn he was in another country shooting more of what the Earth has to offer.  He is a man on a mission to share the most remarkable moments with the world.

He came onto the podcasts to give us insight into how he enjoys nature and why he started what he did.  Nature found him a free trip.  The key to enjoying life is to enjoy what makes you happy.  From his work to his way of life you can tell Shawn loves what he does.


In this session you will learn:

-How to make nature your escape

-Why we need moments to let our minds run free

-How to absorb the power of nature

-How to enjoy the little things

-Why you should take adventures because you never know where you will end up

-How to enjoy what you are doing to enjoy your life




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  1. SylHero says:

    Great guest! Funny thing, I had to stop the podcast a few time to let my brain process some of the ideas lauched here.

    One great tip I got from the interview:
    - Have goals but not expectations.

    • OSR says:

      You are right on, Very deep conversation with Shawn. He enjoys nature and what the world has to offer him. Thanks for the comment!!

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