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Today’s show is an interview with Geoff Woods, a fellow podcaster who is launching his new podcast, The One Thing, in January 2017. It is  based on the best-seller with the same name and it is aimed to revolutionize your world.

Here’s what’s been covered in a nutshell:

  • What all of us have, even if we do not possess much, is our awesomeness.
  • The surprising truth about the people who achieve the most is that they are hyper focused on their “one thing”.
  • The biggest mistake people do when trying to build new habits is that they set the bar too high. And then they feel like a failure.
  • You can only feel like a failure for so long until you quit.
  • When setting up new habits, it is really important to know what you CAN do, not what you should do or what your wife or boss tells you to do.
  • The “one thing” makes everything else easier or unnecessary.
  • Don’t do tasks that are below your productive dollars per hour.
  • We unconsciously choose the hard way everyday, because we try to reinvent the wheel on most of our challenges.
  • On the raw level, people want to help each other. So reach out to people around you and they will connect you to others who can help you!
  • People don’t relate to you through your success, but through your struggles.
  • Embracing your vulnerabilities is one of the biggest powers your have.

Mentioned in this episode:

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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
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