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Focus you WIllIt is obvious that keeping yourself focused at work can be challenging more often than not. It is a situation you see way too often. You tell yourself that you’ll get most of your tasks done today. As determined as you are, you could end up having needless discussions with your buddies, responding and sending out e-mails, and getting busy on social sites the same way a lot of people do.

So just how do you stay clear of all these wicked attention-seeking, needless activities and see to it you complete exactly what you should be accomplishing on the day itself? Your mind is easily changed and influenced; then it becomes extremely tough to realign your concentration with goals at work.

Now, we are revealing 10 ways to boost your concentration at your workplace and showing exactly how you can set aside activities that can divert your attention. These ideas could be very subjective; however, they can be effective for you!


1. Work in Portions. It’s a fact that your brains can only be focused on a limited quantity of details. Seeing to it that the right information in mind is the one that lines up with your obligations at work is where the trouble is. To ease the load on your brain, it is better to divide your work into small manageable portions. The point is you do not want to spend the whole day dealing with just one activity non-stop.   Breaking it up allows your mind to rest and it will certainly compensate you later on with efficient work. So work in small portions. After that, leave your work desk and if you still have time go outside and enjoy Mother Nature.


2. Have a To-do List. Having your activities organized as well as prioritized is the most effective method to focus your energy into tasks that matter. However, while jotting down all of your to-dos is a wonderful technique, what’s more crucial is to list targets that are realistic. If you have a long day ahead of you, it is recommended to make two different versions of your to-do list: The first list should be all of the activities that must be done that day, and the second list could be longer-term objectives that you might be able to deal with as soon as everything else has been completed. This will aid you to target getting your important tasks done.


3. Reward Yourself for Your Determination. It’s not a sin to check out sites like Facebook, Meebo, or Twitter to get social updates, but it is necessary to not spend significant quantities of time on them, especially when your work is not finished. What I usually do is come up with a set of tasks that I need to finish prior to checking out any of those websites. I will absolutely work to finish a task, after that compensate myself with some time catching up with a buddy. This approach relies on high willpower. If you can’t stick to goals that you set, try another method.


4. Eat Healthy and Balanced Meals. I really love great foods like berries, walnuts, green spinach, and avocados. They not only make your hair silky and your skin clear, they can also help your mind to perform memory tasks and cognitive functioning. Huffington Post states that having a “brain diet regimen” by eating these great foods could enhance blood flow to the brain and regulate your blood pressure. Whenever you’re hitting a mental wall, get a handful of blueberries or make a spinach salad or tossed salad.


4. Come Up with an Inspiring Area to Work. Many of us need our surroundings to be attractive and inviting to be motivated to work. If you work in a cubicle, set a colorful bouquet of flowers atop your work desk and pin pictures on your walls. Furthermore, if you need a productive day of researching, opt for a library or visit a quaint coffee shop.


5. Listen to Great Songs. There is no way that I can push through an entire workday without some great sounds to keep me motivated. For me it’s either techno or alternative music that sustains me throughout the day. I could be wrong about this; however, I believe it’s vital that whatever genre you decide to hear, it’s music that can be effortlessly filtered out while keeping the work ethic at full throttle.


6. Be Anonymous.  If everything else falls short and you simply can’t get away from Facebook and bothersome coworker e-mails, you need to hide yourself. Go invisible on the instant messaging, set the away message to “BUSY.” For those coworkers who are fond of stopping by your desk, throw on those headphones so they are not inclined to start up a conversation. I usually have to hide from being annoyed by others. The minute someone starts talking to me, then the floods of people follow.


7. Be Intensely Interested in Your Work. Another means to be effective is to genuinely appreciate and be enthusiastic about what you are working on. We go to great lengths and hours of work for things that fascinate us. Yet we lose focus immediately if what we are doing is trivial.


8. Set Target Dates or Deadlines. I am a strong believer of giving myself deadlines for whatever I am working on. Doing this can really help you stay focused on what you are working on or wherever you happen to be. Just see to it that the deadlines are challenging enough or else you’ll be easily sidetracked by whatever is happening around you.


9. Stretch by Stretching your Body. This will enhance blood flow to your brain and limbs, which in turn helps you to concentrate. Also alternating between standing and sitting throughout the day helps your body to be alert.


10. Hold Yourself Liable. This is very important. It can be difficult to remain focused on what you plan to do, and accountability or liability helps that a great deal. Without accountability or liability, anxiety, laziness, and putting things off can get in the way of completing tasks.







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