Mindvalley Review 2024 — The Truth Exposed!

In recent years, Vishen Lakhiani’s brainchild, Mindvalley, has been the subject of heated debates and mixed reviews. Labels like “cult” or even “scam” have been stuck with the brand, leaving many people wondering whether Mindvalley is truly legit.

In this in-depth Mindvalley review, I will explore the heart of the matter and uncover the truth behind Mindvalley’s practices. I will address common criticisms and share insights from both satisfied users and those who have been left disappointed. 

By the end, you will have a clearer understanding of whether Mindvalley is a worthwhile investment for your personal growth journey or not.

So, let’s begin!

Who Is Mindvalley For? 

Before we jump into the Mindvalley quests, how they work, price, etc., let’s first understand who Mindvalley is for. 

Mindvalley is for everyone trying to find a perfect direction in their life, be it related to their careers, health & Fitness, or mental and emotional stability. 

Mindvalley has more than fifty courses curated by personalities ruling their niche. 

But does that mean everyone will benefit from Mindvalley programs? In my opinion, No. But why? 

 Mindvalley Review - Overview

Most Mindvalley quests are based on meditation, manifestation, understanding energies, and putting them into the proper practice. 

Mindvalley personal growth quests require your spiritual belief and faith in the process without speculation. If you are someone who does not believe in such a process, you may not benefit from the courses. 

Even though we don’t realize it, we have so much potential and the ability to control our minds and put our powers in the right direction. Hence, keeping faith in the process is essential. 

What Kind Of Quests Does Mindvalley Offer? 

Here is the list of Quests that Mindvalley offers.

  • Mind
  • Soul
  • Performance
  • Fitness
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Career
  • Relationship
  • Parenting

As mentioned above, Mindvalley offers personal growth quests/ courses. Its programs are not based on any academic knowledge. 

The course of this online learning platform is based chiefly on different meditation programs. Its courses cater to different categories of life, which I’ll mention in a second. 

Course duration for most programs is between 3 to 7 weeks. Each program comes with bite-size classes of not more than 30 to 40 minutes so that everybody can fit them into their schedule. 

Mindvalley’s Top Programs Across 5 Categories

Mindvalley offers a diverse array of personal development courses, each designed to address specific areas of growth and transformation. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the platform’s most popular programs across each category:-

1) Mind: Superbrain by Jim Kwik

The courses are designed to enhance cognitive abilities, improve focus and concentration, and cultivate overall mental well-being. 

Superbrain is, in my opinion, the best course to represent this category.

As someone who struggled with poor memory and lack of focus, I found the practical techniques taught in Superbrain to be incredibly effective. 

The course helped me regain control of my attention, reduce negative self-talk, and engage more actively in the present moment. 

I have shared my experience with Superbrain in my detailed review, which you can check.

2) Body: Beyond Fasting by Ronan Oliviera

The courses address physical health, nutrition, and the mind-body connection. 

Offerings like Beyond Fasting help participants develop a healthier, more balanced approach to their bodies and establish sustainable wellness habits. I personally found that it helped me develop a healthier approach to nutrition and self-care. 

Through the program’s holistic teachings on the mind-body connection, I have been able to overcome emotional eating patterns.

3) Soul: Awaken the Species by Neale Donald Walsh 

The courses dive deep into your spiritual growth, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. 

Programs such as “Awaken the Species” guide individuals in transcending the ego, cultivating compassion, and aligning with their higher purpose. 

Truly, the programs’ teachings were genuinely insightful and renewed my sense of connection to the world around me.

4) Relationships: Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Thomas

The courses aim to help users build stronger, more fulfilling connections with their partners, families, and communities. 

Conscious Coupling is my favorite program in this category, considering it provides insights and tools for enhanced-

  • Communication
  • Intimacy
  • Mutual understanding

I have learned to navigate the challenges of adulthood with greater patience, empathy, and a deeper understanding of my loved ones’ needs.

5) Career & Entrepreneurship: Speak & Inspire by Lisa Nicholas

Courses are tailored to help users excel in their professional pursuits, whether they are aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, or even public speakers. 

Programs like Speak & Inspire empowered me to communicate my ideas effectively, which in turn unlocked new career opportunities for me. Many users have also reported improved job performance and successful pitches through this transformative program.

These are just a few examples of the high-quality programs offered by Mindvalley. 

Each course is structured with bite-sized lessons and practical learning exercises, allowing users to integrate the teachings effectively into their daily lives.

Explore the detailed Best Mindvalley courses list and pick the best course for you!

Mindvalley Cost & Pricing Options

Mindvalley offers several subscription plans to cater to the diverse needs of its users:-

Membership PlanMembersPriceSavings 
Mindvalley All-Access(Monthly)1$49None
Mindvalley All-Access (Annual)1$399$189
Mindvalley Pro Membership1$598None
Mindvalley Business 5 to 50 $179 per userNone
Mindvalley Business 50 to 200Contact the companyNot Available

Mindvalley’s Refund Policy and Discount Opportunities

Mindvalley offers a 15-day money-back guarantee on all its membership plans, allowing users to try the platform’s services risk-free. 

However, some users have faced challenges canceling their memberships within the specified timeframe, leading to unexpected charges. I recommend canceling your subscription at least 2-3 days before your refund period ends. 

In addition to the refund policy, Mindvalley frequently offers various discounts and savings opportunities to make its programs more accessible. 

Mindvalley Discount: Is There Any?

These discounts can significantly enhance Mindvalley’s value proposition.

Discount TypeDiscount AmountAvailabilityLink
Summer Deal50% OFFLimited-time offer during summer monthsHere
Regular Price$100 OFFOngoing discountHere
Annual Plan$189 OFFOngoing discount for annual subscriptionHere
Black Friday & Cyber Monday$200 OFFLimited-time offer during holiday sales eventsNot live
Sheer ID partnership for:
Students, Military, Teachers, First Responders, and more.
40% OFFOngoing discountHere

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Is Mindvalley Free? (500+ Courses for 60-90 Minutes)

While Mindvalley primarily operates on a subscription-based model, the platform offers free courses and resources for you to get a gist of the platform. 

Mindvalley Free Courses

Mindvalley offers over 500 free courses that introduce users to the platform’s teaching methods and personal development programs. 

These free offerings typically last 60 to 90 minutes and cover a variety of topics, from meditation and productivity to relationships and spirituality. They also change every other week, so make sure to complete a course in seven days anyway.

mindvalley free courses

It’s important to note that the free courses have certain limitations compared to the full, paid programs. They may not offer the same depth of content, access to instructor Q&A sessions, or the ability to earn completion certificates.

Mindvalley’s Free Resources

In addition to the free courses, Mindvalley also provides a range of complimentary resources on its website and social media channels. These include:

  • Bite-sized video lessons and masterclasses
  • Guided meditations and sound therapy tracks
  • Articles, blog posts, and interviews with experts
  • Podcasts and webinars covering personal development topics

These free resources are available to anyone, regardless of whether they have a paid Mindvalley subscription. They allow the platform to share its expertise and inspire individuals to take the next step in their personal growth journey.

Is Mindvalley a Scam? (Truth About Mindvalley)

One of the most persistent accusations against Mindvalley is that it operates like a “cult.” 

And that is solely due to the platform’s heavy emphasis on:

  • Community-building events,
  • And (perceived) lack of transparency when addressing negative feedback.

Some users have expressed concerns about Mindvalley’s apparent deletion of comments that offer constructive criticism. 

Is Mindvalley a Scam?
Source: Reddit

Moreover, there have been allegations that Mindvalley has shifted its focus from genuine personal development to a profit-driven enterprise, with Vishen Lakhiani being labeled as a “cult leader” who cares more about money than the well-being of its members.

mindvalley reviews
Source: Reddit

However, those who have actively engaged with Mindvalley’s courses and programs often shared positive experiences:-

  • Highlighting the genuine effectiveness of the techniques,
  • And the transformative impact on their lives. 

Experiences of Mindvalley Users – Public Forums

To gain detailed insight into Mindvalley’s service, I examined both the positive and negative user experiences. Let’s break them down into positive and negative parts.

Mindvalley Positive Reviews

One Redditor shared her experience with the Unlimited Abundance course, stating that she had “manifested every tiny thing” through visualization.

She also emphasized the importance of patience and consistent practice before your manifestations come to fruition.

Mindvalley review reddit
Source: Reddit

Another user on YouTube expressed gratitude for the platform: “My personal journey with Mindvalley resulted in learning more in the short four years than in the preceding 50+.” 

Mindvalley reviews youtube
Source: YouTube

Negative Mindvalley Reviews

One user on Twitter expressed, “Mindvalley’s practices, while legal, were not necessarily ethical.” This is because, more often than not, people forget to cancel their subscriptions, so getting charged unexpectedly is unfair.

Negative Mindvalley Reviews
Source: Twitter

Repetitive concerns that Mindvalley users have raised lie in its poor customer service.  

For example, one Quora user shared, “I paid $500.00 for a membership and access to their online courses, and once I paid, I could not access the courses.”

She further mentioned that reaching out to customer service was pointless, too, as the number was disconnected. Overall, the user found out there are 67 open Mindvalley complaints against exact reasons.

Mindvalley review Quora
Source: Quora

It’s important to note that the user experience with Mindvalley can vary significantly.

More so, it all depends on the individual’s expectations, commitment to the program, and overall approach to personal development. 

I also believe that every person/ company has two sides. So, rather than obsessing too much on the negative, evaluate whether the cons outweigh the pros. 

Let’s take a recent example — 

In 2023, the platform was named in a class-action lawsuit filed by EKO, a company that accused Mindvalley of violating the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA).

It was said that Mindvalley unlawfully collects and shares users’ video viewing histories and then sells them to Meta for advertising purposes. 

Now, there is no definitive evidence proving the crime. (At least, I am not aware.) Therefore, in the eye of the law, Mindvalley is still harmless. In that case, the platform’s only con right now is poor customer service. 

Let’s be honest: This happens with 2/10 people. 

So, if Mindvalley is bettering my life completely, I have no problem taking a leap of faith. 

Is Mindvalley Worth Trying For? My Experience 

Mindvalley is definitely worth the time and money. If you are going through a rough patch, lack motivation, or want to focus on self-improvement, there is nothing better than Mindvalley. 

During this one year of trying Mindvalley, I have taken seven quests, all of which have helped me become a better version of myself. I signed up for Mindvalley because I was finding it difficult to find a perfect balance between career and life. 

Ironically, even after trying my best, I struggled to achieve my career goals. I started watching motivational videos, and one day, I came across Vishen Lakhiani’s Silva Ultramind video. 

Mindvalley - Author

I found it quite fascinating and researched Mindvalley more. After going through several reviews, I signed up for the All-Access pass, and I must say I made the best life decision. 

I started with the Silva Ultramind quests and was stunned at how we can achieve so much by training our minds in a certain way. 

My next quest was Duality by Jerrefry Allen. Again this is one of the best quests in Mindvalley. It’s a self-healing program with guided meditation and different exercises. 

As I said, I was struggling with my personal and professional life. Many times, I found myself questioning what I was doing wrong. 

The meditation helped me find answers through manifestation, getting rid of energy blocks by connecting to the energy side, as he calls it. These seven-week quests fully transformed how I saw life and helped me find happiness and peace. 

Lifebook Online and Wildfit are my other two favorite quests. Lifebook was again all about achieving our career goals without compromising inner happiness. 

I’m sure most of you have been struggling to keep up with your fitness routine. What we do wrong is randomly start a diet plan or join a gym without understanding our relationship with food. 

Wildfit is all about understanding how packaged foods make our food addictive and are a significant obstacle in our journey toward Fitness. 

The other quests I tried were Super Reading, Chakra Healing, and Money EQ, and none of the courses disappointed me. But yes, sometimes some of the episodes get a bit monotonous other than that, I found all the quests extremely helpful. 

There are a lot of complexities in current life. We all compromise on inner peace and happiness in coping with education, career, and relationships. Mindvalley is a platform that truly helps in finding the perfect balance. 

If you ask whether I will renew my Mindvalley membership, my answer is Yes. I want to take up more quests and continue with the guided meditations. 

Mindvalley Alternatives

Mindvalley is known for its innovative approach to online learning, focusing on personal growth and self-improvement through a variety of courses ranging from mindfulness to business skills. While Mindvalley offers unique content in personal development, some may seek alternatives for a broader range of academic or professional topics.

1. Coursera

Coursera stands out as a top alternative to Mindvalley for those interested in more traditional educational offerings alongside professional development. It partners with universities and organizations globally to provide a wide range of courses, from psychology to cloud computing.

Coursera offers flexibility with self-paced learning and provides both free and paid courses. Students can earn certificates and even degrees, making it suitable for both personal enrichment and career advancement. You can also get an exclusive Coursera Plus discount and save upto $100 on your purchase of a Coursera Plus subscription.

2. Udemy

Udemy offers a vast library of courses across various categories, including technology, business, and personal development. These focus areas are similar to Mindvalley’s but with a broader scope. What sets Udemy apart is its market model, where any expert can create and sell a course, providing a diverse range of learning materials. This can be a double-edged sword, as course quality can vary, but user reviews help learners choose wisely.

3. MasterClass

For those interested in learning from celebrity experts and renowned figures in their fields, MasterClass is a compelling alternative. It features beautifully produced videos with famous personalities like Gordon Ramsay teaching cooking and Martin Scorsese on filmmaking. While it lacks the traditional academic courses found on Coursera, it offers unparalleled insights into the crafts and careers of top talents in various industries.

Explore more Mindvalley alternatives with our list.

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Conclusion: Mindvalley Is Worth The Investment!

While Mindvalley has faced criticisms and legal challenges, it has also transformed the lives of many users. To determine if Mindvalley is the right fit for your personal growth journey, I suggest approaching the platform with a critical eye, be it by:

  • Considering the available discounts (up to 50%),
  • Assessing how well its teachings align with your aspirations. 

The more open-minded you are and committed to implementing the learning, the better results you will get from this platform. So, start by signing up for the 

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