About Us

Jake Nawrocki is the founder of Operation Self Reset, a brand known worldwide that helps individuals and teams create breakthrough results that accelerate personal achievement and business success. He is a recognized expert of life transformation concepts and a highly sought-after public motivational speaker. Jake has reached more than 4.7 million people with his top-rated podcast, high-impact presentations, and his book Brilliant Breakthroughs.

What sets Jake apart from other motivational speakers are his life experiences along with mentors, teachers, and his parents who have taught Jake how to accelerate personal achievement and reach business success. He is driven with a purpose to share those lessons with the world by creating a proven method and framework that WORKS. Jake is a natural-born teacher and leader who will challenge you, empower you, and motivate you with actionable ideas and strategies to take your productivity and results beyond what you have ever accomplished before.

Jake currently serves as Lieutenant for the Milwaukee Fire Department and travels throughout the US competing in combat obstacle course challenges for firefighters. He’s been married to his beautiful wife since 2011. They live in Franklin, WI and are the proud parents of two boys.