Mindvalley University Review 2024: Is It Worth Your Money?

You have tried some Mindvalley courses and want to take your mindfulness journey further or have recently heard of Mindvalley University. 

So what exactly is Mindvalley University? Is it the same as typical universities that provide you with formal education and a formal degree? 

I’m sure you have these questions, and I have answered them all here in this Mindvalley University review. Let’s read further to help you learn better about Mindvalley University. 

What Is The Core Intention Of Mindvalley? 

The core intention of Mindvalley is to help you improve yourself in all aspects of life. Mindvalley is a life transformation platform that offers various mindfulness courses. 

The reason Mindvalley has served over 12 million members globally is the usefulness and authenticity of its programs.  

Mindvalley Overview

And as a member of the Mindvalley platform and having tried multiple quests, I can say that Mindvalley does not make any false claims. They help you become the best version of yourself by empowering you. 

Mindvalley teaches you essential life skills as well as healing powers to keep your mind, body, soul, and professional life in the sink. Besides that, there are specific courses for parenting, entrepreneurship, and relationships to guide anyone seeking help in improving their relationships.

The never-ending race of complex modern life can be exhausting. Everything is thriving to beat others and secure the top spot. But in this unending race, we often compromise on our mental and emotional health. 

Mindvalley bridges this gap and lets you live a fulfilling life. Mindvalley quests make you realize that mental and emotional peace can go hand in hand with your professional life. You will know the tools for healing powers you have within you and how you can activate them at your command. 

How Is Mindvalley University Different From A Typical University? What To Expect? 

Mindvalley University is not an educational institute where you’ll go to attend regular classes, finish a curriculum, attend exams, and pass out with a degree. 

In contrast, Mindvalley University is a 21-day global learning platform. You won’t attend a formal institute with regular classes. Instead, there are workshops, seminars, and talks that will help you live an extraordinary life that too in a different city or country. 

Even though we don’t realize it, there is a huge gap between our formal education and our work life. There is more to formal education, and we often get past them. 

Midvalley University was designed to teach people real-life skills, which are often ignored by formal institutes. This 21-day journey is targeted at personal growth and becoming the best version of yourself. 

You’ll meet people from different corners of the world and form a community of growing individuals- entrepreneurs, students, parents, teachers, and everyone you can think of. You’ll connect, network, and may share your journey. 

You get to share your stand on self-transformation and things that work for you and listen to others’ stories as well. Besides, There will be scheduled sessions and spontaneous gatherings. 

Furthermore, you’ll learn from world-famous business and personal development experts and acquire skills to lead a healthier, happier, and more successful life. 

Midvalley University breaks the stereotypical 4-year university concept. Instead, it provides you with life’s most important lessons in 21 days, and anyone can join this life-changing journey. 

The global mobile campus goes to a new city every year. The concept is you attend the university for a month and go back to your usual life for the rest of the year. Midvalley University does not impart any bookish knowledge. 

It teaches you how to practice mindfulness, meditate, empower yourself with self-healing powers, manifest the right way, and get what you want, and the list goes on. We, humans, have immense power within ourselves, and Mindvalley University teaches us how to unleash them and use them in our best interest. 

You’ll be living among 1000+ students from different communities, and you’ll be amazed to live in an environment of positive people. Overall, Mindvalley University is a whole different experience than any educational institute can’t provide. 

The best part? Mindvalley University has no age or qualification requirements. It does not matter whether you’re a teenager, a grown-up man, a homemaker, or a businessman. Mindvalley University is for people of any age group and any background because the institute wants you to evolve by taking good inputs from other amazing people. 

Vishen Lakhiani: The Mind Behind Mindvalley 

Vishen Lakhiani is the mind behind Mindvalley. Like most entrepreneurs, Mindvalley was not Vishen’s first choice of career. He was an engineer and wasn’t happy with the job and the life he was leading. 

He saw the hustle culture and was tired of seeing people work until they collapsed. He then decided to give up his old life and find Mindvalley. Even though there was discouragement from family and peers, he embarked on his path of self-development and mindfulness. 

Vishen Lakhiani

He was a practitioner of the Silva Ultramind method, one of the main quests of Mindvalley. He applied the Silva Ultramind technique in his life and was surprised to see its amazing results. 

Afterward, Vishen accepted the journey of spiritual development and founded Mindvalley in 2003. His goal was to bring together the world’s top educators under a single platform and teach people to be more empowered and live their best life. 

That’s not it; Vishen’s book The Code For The Extraordinary Life is an Amazon and New York bestseller. The book is written on the ground to reject the Bullshit Rules (Brules) that hold you back from growing, glowing, and loving. 

Where Is Mindvalley University Located? 

As I said, Mindvalley University does not have a fixed location. It’s a rotating institute with a month-long program that takes place in different cities or countries every year. 

The very first Mindvalley University event happened in Barcelona with 300 people in 2017. The following year, the event took place in Tallinn; in 2019, the location was Pula. The location for 2021 was again Tallinn, as the team loved the city and culture so much.

explore connect learn

The location for Mindvalley University is Kultuurikatel, Tallinn again. It’s a city that beautifully captures the old historical culture as well as leaving enough space for modernization. The calm, peaceful vibe of this fairytale-like city has great commuting options making it the perfect location for the upcoming Mindvalley University event. 

But why does Mindvalley not have a fixed location? I also answered that already. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to study from the same location locked in an average classroom, wouldn’t you love to learn in a beautiful environment meeting people from different countries? 

Besides, Mindvalley University welcomes famous personalities like- Steven Kotler, Jim Kwik, Shri Ravi Shankar, Neale Donald Walsch, Wim Hof, and many more. 

Apart from the speaking and learning sessions, this year, Mindvalley will keep special events for kids, toddlers, and teens. What’s more exciting is there will be separate lounging areas for networking and co-working. 

Who Are The Teachers Of Mindvalley? 

The teachers or the instructors make the biggest impact in any learning institute. They are responsible for making the learning journey exciting as well as insightful. 

Mindvalley understands this best hence their teachers are, again, not typical mentors who would follow strict guidelines to deliver the information to you. 

teacher of mindvalley

Teachers in other institutes are often restricted by strict guidelines of teaching they must follow. In the process, the classes become boring, and students don’t find them engaging enough. 

To break this chain, Mindvalley offers quests devised by people who are masters of their field. They know what they are talking about, and each Mindvalley mentor has their own way of teaching. 

Mindvalley University also welcomes best-selling authors like Katherine Woodward Thomas, celebrity brain coach Jim Kwik, spiritual leaders like Ravi Shankar, etc., who tell you their secrets to leading an outstanding life. 

You’ll be amazed to learn things you never knew were even possible. There are numerous seminars and workshops, all with the same goal of helping you become the best version of yourself. Not just Mindvalley, but these popular personalities were invited to different events across and have widely curved their own place. 

How Much Does Mindvalley University Cost? 

Let’s address one of the most crucial questions, how much does Mindvalley University cost? Let me make it clear that you can only attend Mindvalley University if you’re a member of Mindvalley. 

You first have to take a Mindvalley All-Access membership, and then you can opt for tickets to Mindvalley University. There are limited seats since they organize the event in a temporary location, so you should grab a ticket early if you want to attend the event. Also, tickets are cheaper when you buy them early. (more details below) 

Even though the event goes on for three weeks, you don’t necessarily have to attend for the whole tenure. You can buy tickets for one week, two weeks, or for the entire three weeks. Besides, there are different ticket prices for adults, toddlers, and teens. 

Adult Ticket Prices (18+) 

Duration Early BirdRegular Late Bird
1 week $799$999$1199
2 weeks $1299$1499$1699
3 weeks $1599$1899$2199

Youth Ticket Prices [ Toddlers (aged 3-5), Kids (aged 6 to 12), Teens (aged 13 to 17)] 

Duration Early BirdRegular Late Bird
1 week $299$599$599
2 weeks $449$999$999
3 weeks $599$1299$1299

Important note: Only toddlers, kids, and teens can attend the event whose parent or guardian has an active Mindvalley membership or whose application has been approved. 

Mindvalley University provides a flexible refund policy. You’re liable to complete a refund if you cancel before 30 days from the starting date of the program. You can raise a refund request by visiting their refund page, and for any queries regarding the same, write to events@mindvalleysupport.com. 

The above-stated price structure is applicable to existing Mindvalley members. If you are not a member yet, there is an additional cost for you as you need to buy the Mindvalley All-Access membership. 

So let’s have a look at that as well- 

Membership Prices 
Mindvalley Monthly Membership $59 per month 
Mindvalley Yearly Membership $299 per year 
Mindvalley Membership Pricing

The All-Access membership also provides a 15-day refund policy. You can get a full refund if you cancel within this period. 

Even though the ticket prices, along with the membership price, seem a little expensive to you, you’ll be glad to see the improvement Mindvalley University and the quests on Mindvalley brings you in. But I would suggest opting for the membership and the program only if you’re ready to embark on the mindfulness journey wholeheartedly. 

The quests and the programs will only show a positive impact when you go with an open mind. As human beings, speculations are common, but they shouldn’t be an obstacle in your learning journey. 

Should You Join Mindvalley University? 

Should you join Mindvalley University? Definitely yes. We get very few opportunities like Mindvalley University, where you can forget about your stressful life and live in a surrounding of positivity. 

As a member of Mindvalley All-Access, you must have already tried a couple of quests, and you already know how it feels like to have your own life’s control. But would you not like to experience this same environment with a complete Mindvalley community? 

Imagine how it would feel to be among creative, successful, and on top of all, happy people who have benefited from the quests. Besides, you’ll be seeing the mentors, founder Vishen Lakhiani, and some other Mindvalley Gurus in real life. How would it feel to experience their aura? 

Above all, you deserve to take a break from your everyday responsibilities and experience this spiritual, life-changing journey. You can visit a new country or a new city and experience the culture, history, and life of that city. 

And who knows, you may meet your future life partner, your new best friend, your mentor, or even a future co-founder. This is a lifetime of opportunity, and no one should miss it. Moreover, you’ll learn skills that matter the most in your life. Therefore, in my opinion, you must join Mindvalley University. 

We spend thousands on expensive tours and luxury products, so why not spend some on our growth? Right? 

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Final Thoughts On Mindvalley University Review (2024)

Mindvalley University is the hubsport of learning opportunities, meeting the amazing clan of Mindvalley members and Mindvalley teachers. Nowhere else do you get the opportunity to meet such entrepreneurs, visionaries, coaches, and above all, people who are living a non-toxic life. 

Mindvalley University will make you feel like it’s a safe place where you belong and get accepted for who you are. This community does not believe in division; they believe in being a part of single unity where everyone comes to learn, grow and become the best version of themselves. 

So if you get the chance, you should definitely attend Mindvalley University 2024!

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