Jim Kwik’s Super Reading Review 2024: Is It Any Good?

You’re spending hours studying, trying to remember every detail, but you can only remember 30 or 40% of it. 

Does it sound familiar to you? 

If yes, don’t worry; you’re not alone. It’s the case with most of us. We all try hard, but spending hours at the study table only produces unsatisfactory results. 

There are numerous reading courses that promise to help you improve your memory, but most of them do not seem to work at all. 

Super Reading by Mindvalley is a similar reading quest that promises to help you improve your memory power. And since it’s a Mindvalley quest, it has gained popularity. 

But is Super Reading worth your time and money? Does the quest do what it promises? 

I’m about to take you through the complete review of Super Reading, which will answer the above question. Hence, keep reading to find out if Super Reading is the quest for you or not. 

A Brief Insight Into Super Reading 

Super Reading is a reading methodology quest by Jim Kwik. Super Reading is based on the neurostimulation method. Neurostimulation is a proven technique that helps with speed reading and better memory retention. 

According to Kwik, we struggle with retaining information because we are stuck with the stereotypical method of reading. He says no need to utter or read every word in a book. The majority of these are essential words that we use in everyday language, so we can skip focusing on them. 

The neurostimulation technique triggers both the left and right hemispheres of our brain to open up more space in the brain. It helps us remember whatever we have learned and comprehend the information faster.

Since each class of Super Reading requires us to be actively present and focus on the techniques, the lessons are quite short. 

During these 21 days, Kwik wants you to be actively present and try to understand the techniques he is mentioning. 

Please note that these techniques won’t work if you’re absent-minded. So, focus and concentration are of utmost importance. 

Moreover, Super Reading is not simply for students or people associated with teaching, research, and the like. 

This quest can benefit anyone dealing with information, people in business, and anyone who wants to improve their memory. 

Let’s Take A Look Into Super Reading Creator Jim Kwik 

Now that you have some idea about what Super Reading is, let’s take a look at its creator Jim Kwik. Who is Jim Kwik, and how did he invent Super Reading? 

The first impression we have of Jim Kwik when we hear him as a Super Reading creator is that he must have had extraordinary memory power since childhood. 

But that’s not true. Jim was a boy with learning challenges. He met with an accident during his childhood that caused a learning disability.  

He struggled with his studies during his school life. But he wanted to compensate for the loss in his college life and started dedicating extra hours while he was in college. 

Super Reading By Jim Kwik

However, his dedication and hard work only proved fatal and deteriorated his health to such an extent that he had to spend two years bedridden. 

But instead of getting demotivated, Jim started to think about what he was doing wrong. What is the best way to retain information and read smartly? 

He also took the help of a mentor who showed him the right path to read for maximum results without spending hours in the library. 

Ultimately Jim Kwik discovered Super Reading and gained his reputation as the ultimate brain coach. He has worked with famous celebrities, top companies, and brands like- Nike, Havard, Fox Studios, NYU, Singularity University, etc., to help people reach their memory goals. 

Super Reading: The Primary Pillar

As I mentioned previously, the primary pillar or the central concept on which Super Reading is based is neurostimulation. 

To understand neurostimulation, we need to understand the reading technique. The reading process involves two steps- fixation and saccade. 

Fiction is the first step when we look into a word before reading it, followed by the saccade. The saccade is the second step when our eyes move to the following term. 

Fixation takes 0.25 seconds, whereas saccade takes 0.1 seconds. According to this technique, any average human can read about 250 words with 70% comprehension capacity. 

Jim Kwik says that since we can’t increase the saccade speed, the focus of Super Reading is increasing the fixation time. 

To increase the fixation time, we need to break ties with our old reading habits. But what is the old or traditional reading habit? 

From school, we were taught to utter the words in our minds before reading them out loud. Kwik says we should stop reading the words in our minds. It’s not necessary. 

Only by changing this simple habit can we increase our reading speed to 25% to 50%. Some people can even increase the speed up to 75%. 

But he does not compromise on comprehension to focus on speed reading. The ultimate purpose is to read fast and comprehend at the same time. If you can’t understand what you’re reading, it’s pretty useless. 

This is the reason Kwik’s Super Reading shows results while other speed reading courses fail to provide satisfactory results. 

What Will You Learn In Super Reading? The Entire 21-Day Quest Explained 

Here is a complete breakdown of 21 days of Super Reading. I have completed Super Reading. 

The quest begins with a couple of introductory or preparation classes. Jim Kwik shares a little about his background and also tells the purpose of the quest. 

There is a preparation guide provided in the form of a PDF where you’ll get familiar with all key concepts of Super Reading along with some essential exercises necessary to practice for maximum results. 

Before starting the quest, you must pick a practice book that you’ll read throughout the quest to judge your reading speed. 

Ensure that the book you choose is in the language you speak the best with simple language, and the letters should be printed bigger. 

In the second introductory class, Kwik introduces the F.A.S.T method of reading. Irrespective of where your reading levels are, the F.A.S.T method will help boost your reading speed tremendously, and you’ll get to know how to awaken that hidden power of reading faster. 

Learn In Super Reading

Let’s now get into the week-wise schedule of Super Reading- 

Week One: How You Can Instantly Boost Your Reading Speed 

To increase your reading speed, you must know where you currently stand. Therefore, finding the current reading level is a must. 

You should download the W.P.M (word per minute) tracker to analyze how many words you can read per minute. Remember I mentioned picking a practice book? It’s time to utilize it. 

 download the W.P.M (word per minute) tracker

Open your practice book to judge your current reading speed. The next task is to find the obstacles that hamper your reading speed. You need to figure out the distractions that sway you away from your reading goal. 

Then Jim reveals his super technique to boost your reading speed and how to fight off those distractions. He says that you can finish a book within a week without actually spending hours reading it. 

 Instantly Boost Your Reading Speed 

Week Two: More Advanced Techniques For Increasing Your Reading Speed 

In the second week, Kwik talks about advanced scientific techniques for increasing our reading speed. Subvocalization is the inner voice and is the greatest obstacle in speed reading. 

Subvocalization is when we utter every word in our minds before reading it out loud. 

Subvocalization makes our reading speed equal to our talking speed; hence getting rid of the habit is necessary. 

Mindvalley Quest Super Reading - welcome to  week two

Jim asks us to part ways with the old-school reading method. We don’t need to understand or utter each word while reading anything. 

And he mentions exercises to overcome subvocalization. An exciting technique to boost our reading speed is using our body parts to increase speed. 

For example, we can use our left hand to stimulate the right side of our brain and vice versa. Our right brain is more creative, and the left side is more logical. 

Using the combination of both sides of the brain not only lets us logically analyze a book but also helps us see the creative and imaginative side of it. 

Other techniques of increasing reading and comprehension speed are- using our peripheral vision to board every piece of information, speed drilling method for increasing the per word speed by minute, and more. 

He wraps up week two by talking about three brain-friendly ways of memorizing what we have learned, and these techniques are- capturing, creating mind mapping to remember what we have studied, and using quadrants. 

Mindvalley Quest Super Reading - week two completed

Week Three: Mastering Speed Reading 

In the last and final week of Speed Reading, Jim Kwik talks about his favorite personal tools that boost reading speed even further. 

These tools will help you learn, comprehend, and understand everything at a swift rate. 

Mindvalley Mastering Speed Reading- Week Three

Other things included in the last week are increasing reading speed five times faster following these techniques. How backward reading increases reading speed even further and also mentions his three favorite skimming techniques and brain breaks (a technique similar to yoga), etc., to help you read excessively faster. 

How Much Does Super Reading Cost? 

Mindvalley originally priced Super Reading at $999, which is pretty expensive for a single quest. This is the drill with all Mindvalley quests if you buy them separately. 

Now they are offering Super Reading at a discounted price of $349, which is again a bit expensive. Buying the complete quest gives you lifetime access; hence you can use it anytime. 

But that’s not quite necessary because the course duration is sufficient to learn the tools & techniques and practice them on your own. Hence, going for Mindvalley’s all-access membership is the best option. It’s a lot cheaper than buying individual quests and gives you access to other Mindvalley courses as well.

Here is the pricing plan for Mindvalley all-access membership- 

Old price Current price 
Mindvalley Monthly Membership $2000$59 per month 
Mindvalley Yearly Membership $2000 $25 per month
Mindvalley Super Reading Speed - Pricing Plan

Is there a money back garenty?

Yes, Mindvalley offers a 15-day money-back for their monthly and yearly subscriptions. If you want to discontinue your membership, you just have to go to their refund page and ask for a full refund. 

My Experience With Super Reading? Did It Help Me Become A Fast Learner?

As an aspiring author, I love reading and taking notes. But when you have to read multiple books and journals, remembering and analyzing them isn’t easy. 

Moreover, reading books with hard concepts requires more time. Since I was already a Mindvalley member, I searched for reading courses, and gladly I found Super Reading. 

I was surprised to know how by changing just a few things, we can read and comprehend faster. Super Reading has definitely helped me become a quick learner, and my reading speed has increased by 50% to 60%. 

It’s been more than six months since I finished Super Reading, and the things I have learned from the quest will stay with me forever. 

But please note that you must be fully present during the quest. Being half-minded won’t bear any positive results. Therefore, make sure during the quest you’re in your best mindset. If you’re stressed, tired, or feel completely drained, you can skip that day’s class and take it up the following day. 

Takeaway! Mindvalley Quest Super Reading 

If you’re struggling with reading and memory retention, Mindvalley’s Super Reading could be your savior. The quest has been helpful to many other users and to me. 

I hope this extensive review gave a detailed insight into the quest helping you decide whether you want to sign up for Super Reading or not. 

You might have more questions about Super Reading. Don’t hesitate to shoot them in the comments!

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