6 Free Relationship Courses for Couples in 2024

After a certain phase, most relationships lose the spark that was there at the beginning. There might be differences due to contradictory opinions, not standing up to each others’ expectations, etc. 

And ignoring these issues ultimately leads to separation. But whether you agree or not, your partner is a source of happiness and gives you a purpose to live your life. 

So before you throw up your hands in the air and give up on your partner, why not check out some free relationship courses for couples? 

Read on to know about these free couple counseling courses that’ll help you maintain a great relationship with your partner. 

What Exactly Are Couple Courses? 

Simply put, couple therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps you and your other half improve the growing differences and gaps. 

These therapies are provided by licensed therapists who help you figure out issues related to miscommunication or communication gaps, feeling of disconnection, trust issues, issues related to your sex life, or anything that your relationship is suffering from. 

Depending on your issue, a couple of courses apply different forms of therapies. First of all, the therapist will establish a close relationship with you and your partner so that you feel comfortable sharing your issues with them. 

By creating this sense of safety, the therapist also helps you better know yourself and your partner. 

The therapist may also ask questions related to the past to understand your fears, insecurities, etc. After analyzing all the problems, the couple course therapists focus on proving the solutions. 

Some of the main things addressed in these therapy sessions are- anger management, conflict resolution techniques, how to openly address the issues instead of burying them in your heart, etc. 

Top Six Free Relationship Counseling Courses For Couples

The reason you’re reading this post here is you are either facing some issues with your partner or know someone close who is going through the same problem. Whatever it is, the following free relationship courses for couples will help solve the issues. 

1. Mastering The Energy In Your Relationship By David Feinstein & Donna Eden 

Do you know that your energies greatly affect the way you lead your life? We have seven core energy centers, and each one is responsible for how our mind and body feel. 

But a separate energy center radiates when two people in love shower each other with love, care, and attention. And the same energy center breaks down when you fight, argue or get hurt by each other. 

Mastering The Energy In Your Relationship by David and Donna says that you must bring these energy centers back into sync for your relationship to work out. 

In their masterclass, Donna and David talk about some powerful and practical energy tools that’ll amend the bends in your relationship. Further, these tools will heal the energy center and deepen your connection with your partner. 

2. Marriage Builder 

Marriage Builder is an online marriage, and pre-marriage counseling program especially meant for churches and organizations. But here is a catch. You can sign up for it using an event name and event date. Once you enter the details, you’ll be able to access their counseling resources. 

Relationship Course For Couples -Marriage Builder

This counseling program is used by 127 countries worldwide and has helped over a million married and pre-married couples bridge any gap in their relationship. 

This platform focuses on various factors of marriage, including- conflict resolving, keeping the communication going, strengthening connection, how to let go of small things and forgiving your partner, improving your sex life, and more. 

3. The Art & Science Of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs 

Most of the time, problems in relationships arise due to our inability to understand our partners. This special masterclass by Professor Tsang and his associated professors from the University of Toronto helps you understand your partner better. 

The Art & Science Of Relationships- Understanding Human Needs 

It talks about various aspects like partner expectations, how people react in different circumstances, and how you should deal with such situations. 

The key things you’ll learn in this relationship course are- 

  • The primary concepts of Strategies & Skill Learning And Developmental Systems (SSDL) and learn how they are applicable to your relationship. 
  • Learning to practice the methods of SSDL. 
  • Learn to better manage your relationship through observation, learning, monitoring, reviewing, stimulation, and real-life implementation of these techniques. 

4. Habits Of A Great Relationship 

Habits Of A Great Relationship is a free course offered by Udemy. Designed by Craig Lambert LCSW, marriage and couple counselor with 30 plus years of experience. 

He is famous for helping couples strengthen their relationships and regain the trust they have lost. This relationship course is here to help to hurt; frustrated couples regain comfort in their partners. 

Habits Of A Great Relationship 

As per Craig Lambert, when you add mindfulness and intentionality to your relationship, both partners have the potential to transform their dull, boring, average relationship into an extraordinary one. 

The key takeaways of this relationship course are- 

  • Effective ways of healing and growing in the relationship 
  • Learning the best way to listen and talk with your partner so that no one feels ignored. 
  • You’ll acquire skills to navigate your frustration, anger and conflict in a positive direction. 
  • Learn how to deepen your feeling to feel more connected with your partner 
  • Revive the lost spark in your relationship to elevate your relationship to a higher level. 
  • Manifest the ultimate relationship goal that both you and your partner have dreamt of. 

These techniques will surely help you nurture a successful relationship and stay together forever. 

5. Divorce-Proof Mini Course 

Is your married life going through a bumpy road? If yes, this free ten-day email course might save your marriage. This mini ten days divorce proof formula guarantees to save your marriage. 

If your married life has fallen flat or if you’re contemplating marriage, you must subscribe to it. The course gives you proven tips to avoid marriage and regain the lost intimacy. 

Divorce-Proof Mini Course 

In the course of these ten days, you’ll address ten problematic areas of your relationship. It could be anything like trust issues, differences of opinion, being unable to connect with your partner, etc. 

Furthermore, the course addresses important things like- avoiding discussing finances in your bedroom, being confident about your partner, keeping the spark of dating life alive, and a lot more. 

If your married life is on the verge of a divorce, this course will definitely help you maneuver over it again. 

6. Your Marriage Matters Podcast 

Your Marriage Matters is a popular relationship podcast by Jim and Christie, who have been sharing excellent tips on saving your marriage. Marriage is not just a union between two people. It’s a union of two families and matters a lot to your children too. 

Your Marriage Matters Podcast 

So instead of letting the small hiccups break your marriage apart, why not work on it? The podcast addresses all things that a couple should talk about, like- open communication, how to be a better partner, finances, sex life, respecting each other’s decisions, and more. 

Your Marriage Matters Podcast teaches you to address your problems instead of brushing them under the carpet. And this free course will surely bring you and your partner together. 

Types Of Couple Therapy 

Every couple goes through different situations in life. Hence, one single type of therapy may not suit everyone. Following are different types of couple therapy that approach different issues- 

Psychodynamic Couples Therapy 

Psychodynamic couple therapy facilitates a deeper understanding of each other’s mental and emotional condition. It basically talks about therapy, where people talk to a therapist about the problems they’re facing with their partner. 

Psychodynamic Couples Therapy 

With the help of these talks, you get an insight into the thinking process of your partner. It may also help you understand what is making your partner emotional or unhappy. 

The ultimate goal of psychodynamic couple therapy is to let couples understand what might be causing unhappiness, trouble or conflict in their relationship and work towards it. 

Emotionally Focused Therapy 

It’s short-term counseling that aims at regaining the lost connection between couples. This therapy is especially for couples with long-term relationships, but they no longer feel the same attraction. 

It identifies negative interaction patterns that may bring you apart by reducing attachment. After identifying the problems, couples are asked to show their emotion and love towards their partner and assure each other of their love. 

Even though Emotionally Focused Therapy is especially meant for couples, it can benefit every relationship. 

Gottman Therapy 

Gottman therapy is quite similar to the EFT method I shared just now. It addresses problems and conflicting areas in your relationship and provides a solution to end all these issues. 

Gottman Therapy 

After addressing the issues, it moves on to providing solutions to build renewed trust, love, and attraction between the partners. 

Behavioral Couple Therapy 

Change of behavior is one of the prime issues between couples. Behavioral couple therapy addresses the problematic behaviors in the relationship and tries to reinforce desirable behaviors like by the opposite partners and you. 

Another phase of such therapies is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which also addresses the disturbing or destructive thought process which might be the cause of problems. CBT tries to change such inappropriate thoughts and reinforce a positive attitude. 

How Can Couple Counseling Benefit You? 

Even though couple therapy is not a broadly discussed topic yet, it has numerous benefits. We don’t realize those little things, but they create big gaps which ultimately lead to a breakup or divorce. 

So when you notice the difference, take immediate action because couple therapy can help you- 

  • Quickly identify the issues such as continuous conflicts, trust issues, difference of opinion, etc., and work towards them. 
  • Improve communication so that both of you feel heard. Besides, it helps address the issues better instead of blaming each other. 
  • Couple therapy helps you get rid of any malicious thoughts that may come into your heart about your partner. 
  • It also helps you get closer to your partner emotionally, mentally, and physically. You’ll form an even deeper connection. 
  • You’ll learn different skills and techniques for addressing any issue you may face in the future. 
  • Overall, couple therapy will help you build a wholesome relationship where you and your family stay happy. 

When Should You Opt For Couple Counseling? 

The following are the signs that signal it’s time to seek couple therapy- 

  • There is a constant conflict or fight between you two. 
  • You no longer feel loved. 
  • You don’t crave your partner’s attention or presence. 
  • You feel lonely even if you’re in a relationship. 
  • There is no physical attraction or desire between you two. 
  • Disagreements on financial matters. 
  • You can’t mingle with your in-laws anymore. 
  • If you find it hard to trust your partner any longer. 
  • Addiction or affairs outside. It can be an addiction to alcohol, watching porn, or if you feel attracted to other people. 
  • Conflict due to different parenting styles if you have kids. 

If you can relate to these signs, it’s time you seek couple counseling and saves your broken relationship; otherwise, you may end up heartbroken. 

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Final Thoughts!

It’s okay not to feel the spark sometimes in your relationships. But what is not okay is to not work towards bringing that spark back. 

Also, you must understand what’s missing and reach out for help. If your relationship is also going through a similar phase, do refer to any of the above-mentioned free relationship courses. These will surely help you understand what’s missing and how you should work towards it. 

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