Energy Medicine Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?

Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine is radically different from the modern medical system. Growing up, we have heard of the reliability and effectiveness of the modern medical system. 

But reaching out to a pill for every little pain will lead to potential adverse effects on our bodies. You must have realized it, which is why you are here. 

The world of Eastern medicine has been a fascinating subject for everyone. It uses energy medicine to heal us from our discomforts. 

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden uses the same energy healing technique for physical, mental, and spiritual healing. 

But is Energy Medicine for everyone? Will everyone be healed from it? 

I’m sharing my entire experience of this masterclass by Donna Eden. Here is everything you need to know about this special quest that will help you decide if this is right for you. 

What Is The Core Idea Of Energy Medicine? 

The core idea behind Energy Medicine is to awaken our inner healing abilities. Donna Eden guides us to understand our personal energy and the body. 

Her quest is based on traditional Eastern medicine that talks about chakras, aura, meridians, triple warmer, radiant circuits, Celtic weave, five rhythms, electrics, and a basic grid. 

The idea is to use practical energy methods for relieving pain, stress, and anxiety, build resilience, and get the cure for illness. 

She also teaches us to use our inner energy to understand our worth for a complete transformation. 

Energy Medicine Review - Overview

The program begins by first understanding energy. What is energy, and how can we use it for personal development or healing? 

Most people find the idea of energy healing vague because it’s an invisible force. But according to Donna Eden, we can have complete control over our health and life by understanding our body’s core energy system. 

Energy Medicine aims to teach us 

  • A new way to heal 
  • Naturally improving our immune system to fight off illness 
  • Learn about our body’s needs & communicating with it 
  • Develop a deeper understanding of ourselves beyond the physical self 
  • Understanding the cause of any disease without a physicist
  • Slow down the ageing process and live a longer & healthier life  

A Brief Insight Into The Energy Medicine Creator Donna Eden 

Donna Eden has been an energy healer for over four decades. She is the most popular and sought-after energy healer and is known for making people aware of their inner healing powers. 

Till now, Donna has trained more than a hundred thousand people, including famous personalities and the general public. Her book Energy Medicine is a world-famous book and is the most used in any energy healing class. 

Donna believes that energy is the core of everything. In her words, “it is the untapped reservoir of incredible power and change.” Yet most of us are unaware of it and don’t use it for our best practice. 

Donna Eden

She says that our inner energy or power has a cure for everything, be it- stress, depression, issues regarding body weight, or any other sickness. According to her, by unleashing our inner energy power, we can get rid of high-dose medicines and cure ourselves of any complex situation. Her masterclass Energy Medicine is also based on this principle. 

Donna had treated herself from a fatal disease using her inner energy. She had Multiple Sclerosis leading to organ failure. Her condition was so bad that she could not even move her muscles. 

She consulted multiple doctors, and all of them said there was no cure and death was imminent. However, she didn’t lose faith, she healed herself, and since then, she has been helping people with the same. 

Who Is Suitable For Energy Medicine? 

If you’re tired of taking medicines every day and are aware of the dangers of continuously consuming them, Energy Medicine is for you. 

Moreover, if you want to feel healthier and more robust and strengthen your body & inner self, the quest will significantly help you achieve that. 

Energy Medicine is also for anyone dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression. If you feel weak or lack the energy to do anything, the quest will help you drive your energies in the right direction to shape your mind and body in the right direction. 

Further, Donna Eden shares tips and tricks using which we can slightly reverse our ageing process and live a longer, healthier, and happier life. 

How Does Energy Medicine Work? Complete Quest Breakdown 

Energy Medicine is an eight-week quest. During these two months, Donna Eden trains us to heal ourselves through the nine unique energetic systems we have in our bodies. 

Here is a complete breakdown of the course that will give you a better idea of how the quest works- 

Energy Medicine Part Wise Course Details 

The quest begins with a preparation class that gives an insight into what we are about experience. This is a journey to our personal health and fitness, by the end of which we’ll have a better understanding of our energy system and a deeper connection with our body. 

And how we can use the same energy to heal, relieve ourselves from pain, build resilience, maintain health, etc. 

Week 1: How To Use Energy Medicine To Fuel Your Vitality 

The quest begins by understanding what our body is trying to tell us and accepting where we stand right now. It’ll be the first step towards a more extraordinary life. Knowing where we stand and accepting the current position is a must to begin the healing process. 

As we progress in week one, we learn about the nine energy systems which I mentioned previously. She says that these energy systems are at the core of our healing; hence knowing about them is a must. 

Week 1 - How To Use Energy Medicine To Fuel Your Vitality 

Moving ahead, we learn about the practical application of energy healing. After the first session, we are able to understand the flow of energy in our system. She also tells us different ways of activating, strengthening, and rebalancing the energy flow. 

By the end of week one, we can understand the energy language, how we can influence the energy flow, some simple exercises for immediate energy activation, and a lot more. She also suggests some exercises to activate our energies. 

Week 2: Clearing, Grounding & Balancing Our Energy

After learning how to activate our energy chakras in the first week, we learn about using the same energies to heal ourselves in the following week.

She reveals multiple techniques to relieve ourselves from any emotional problem we’re facing, physical pain, etc. These exercises help us remove toxins from our bodies to clear our energy pathways. 

Week 2-Clearing, Grounding & Balancing Our Energy

Things related to some changes in our daily routine for emotional balance, proper health, and mental clarity are thought. You’ll learn things related to correcting our homolateral energy to increase productivity, for better joy, etc., which are covered in the second week. 

Similar to the first week, Donna also gives an exercise routine for week two. 

Week 3: Relieving Stress With Triple Warmer & Spleen Meridians 

In week three, we get to know about the impact of stress on our energy, spirit, mind & body. The quest gets deeper when it teaches about Meridian Flow Wheel, which is a tool to learn about Meridian energy works. 

Week 3-Relieving Stress With Triple Warmer & Spleen Meridians 

Maintaining a healthy relationship between the Triple Warmer & Spleen Meridians is important. Donna & David shows us a range of energy medicine tools to rebalance Meridians. They also teach us how to change our response to stress for a happier and healthier life. 

Again there are exercises for this week as well to relax Triple Warmer for a healthy balance between the two mentioned chakras and other overall positive results. 

Week 4: How To Use Energy Tests To Make Healthy Choices 

Week four is about learning to use energy tests to help us find food, supplement, and other personal items like jewellery that are in sync with our body’s energy or not. We are taught to use the energy testing system to pick items that support our health and let us use our potential to the fullest. 

Week 4- How To Use Energy Tests To Make Healthy Choices 

Exercises continue for this week as well. I found the simple exercises she suggested exciting and very effective. 

Week 5: Working With Pain 

This was my favorite week of the entire quests. Body pain has been my issue forever. This week was about understanding pain and using energy medicine to get relief.

Week 5- Working With Pain 

The highlights of the week were using some first aids energy tools to treat pain, how our mind can regulate pain through energy, using magnets to relieve pain, and so on. 

Week 6: The Chakras 

Understanding chakras and their influence on our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Donna says that the seven main chakras spin in front of the spine from the pubic bone to the front of the head. 

Week 6- The Chakras 

The role of chakra energy in emotional, physical, and spiritual health is irreplaceable and affects our life decisions. Hence knowing how the chakras work and how we can recharge our chakra energies is vital. 

Week 7: The Aura: Our Energy Space Suit 

The aura is a multilayer energy cloud that surrounds us. The aura is crucial because it helps in aligning our energy system. 

Week 7- The Aura Our Energy Space Suit 

The primary function of the aura is to work as the invisible spacesuit that protects us from harmful energies around us. If our aura isn’t working correctly, it’ll lead to health issues and other disturbances. 

So this week focuses on correcting the holes or damages in our aura through various exercises. Protecting our energies from any harmful outside influence, and various other ways to mend our aura. 

Week 8: Radiant Circuits: The Energies Of Vitality & Joy

Radiant Circuits are responsible for our higher happiness and faster healing and fuel more energy to make our lives happy. Five easy exercises can turn on our radiant energy. Simple changes in our daily activities can also bring in desirable changes. 

Week 8-Radiant Circuits The Energies Of Vitality & Joy

We also learn how to trace radiant energy, the role of individuals, radiant circuits, etc. 

What does Energy Medicine entail?

  • Video coaching for 8 weeks with Donna Eden and her husband, David Feinstein
  • There are a total of eight energy handbooks that contain energy healing techniques.
  • Question and answer sessions with Donna and David
  • Daily video lessons and vigorous practise
  • Bonuses and lifetime access to the programme
  • Lifetime access to the “tribe” community
  • The application can be accessed via a smartphone app, a desktop version, or both.

How Much Does Energy Medicine Cost? 

Energy Medicine costs $449, and you get lifetime access to the course along with course materials like PDFs, audio clips, etc. 

All Mindvalley quests are pretty expensive, and so is Energy Medicine. But you can get this masterclass for a lot cheaper with the Mindvalley All-Access membership. 

Energy Medicine Price

The best thing about the Mindvalley All-Access membership is that you can access all other Mindvalley quests with it. The All-Access pass is a lot cheaper compared to buying the individual course. 

If you want to explore more quests related to personal development, the membership will benefit you greatly. 

The price of the Mindvalley All-Access Pass is as followers- 

Membership typePrice 
Mindvalley Yearly Membership $299/year 
Mindvalley Monthly Membership$59/month

The Reason I Took Energy Medicine & My Experience With It: Is It Worth Buying? 

Migraine and body ache was a constant problem for years. Like most of us, my first approach was seeing a doctor. Even after taking medications for years, I did not have any fruitful results, and then I came across Energy Medicine. 

I was already a Mindvalley member and have taken a few quests already. When I was scrolling through their quest list, I saw Energy Medicine. Firstly, I found the name pretty intriguing, and when I read more about it, I got convinced to try it. 

And like most Mindvalley quests, this one also didn’t disappoint me. I was already aware of our energy chakras and how they work, so starting the quests was easier for me. But people without knowledge about chakras and energy will also find it easier to follow the quests. 

After the third week, I started feeling changes in my body. I learned self-healing to cure the constant body ache I had. It’s been over three months since I finished Energy Medicine. 

My practice and knowledge about my energy and body have also helped me get rid of my migraine. Besides physical healing, I feel less stressed, more energetic, and happier after trying Donna’s energy exercises. 

If you ask if this quest is worth trying or not, I would say it is worth trying. It can help you cure both outer & inner ailments. 

But unlike scientific medicines, Energy Medicine requires your full participation. It will only show results if you can commit to the exercises and changes Donna asks us to do during the journey and afterward. 

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Final Thoughts!

Energy Medicine is what we need to heal ourselves from the pain and stress of everyday life. The busy modern life, work pressure, and impure food quickly make us sick. Therefore, knowing our body’s requirements and energy is crucial to remain young & healthy. 

In my opinion, anyone who encounters frequent health issues and mood swings and deals with stress should take Energy Medicine. Reaching out for instant relief by consuming medicines is harmful in the long run. Hence, the quest is a healthier and sustainable alternative to it. 

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