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Top 11 Beginner Chakra Meditation For You To Try In 2023

We are all aware of the myriad of benefits meditation can bring to our lives. But most people don’t know of chakra meditation and its extraordinary powers. 

Yogis believe chakra meditation is the best way to connect with the divine. Chakra meditation also helps with physical and mental healing and manifesting your goals. 

Here is a detailed guide on beginner chakra meditation to help start your self-healing journey. 

A Brief Insight Into The Chakra Meditation: Introducing You To The Seven Chakras & Their Healing Power  

Before we jump into the list of chakra meditations, let’s first understand what exactly chakra meditation is and how it works. 

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. In the spiritual sense, chakras are considered the energy chakras which are present within us. We can’t see these chakras, but they belong to our spiritual body. 

There are seven core chakras, which are situated from the crown at the top of our head to the spine. Now let’s go ahead and read about these seven chakras, their significance, and how they affect us. 

1. Muladhara, Or The Root Chakra 

Related colour: Red 

The root chakra is located at the base of our spine. The root chakra controls our relationship with the outer world. It also controls our responses toward food, shelter, and emotional and mental stability.

Chakra Meditation-Muladhara, Or The Root Chakra 

An imbalanced root chakra can cause anxiety, depression, fatigue, back pain, digestive problems, and other emotional and mental disturbances.  

2. Svadhisthana Or The Sacral Chakra 

Related colour – Orange 

Svadhisthana is located in the lower abdomen, especially below the navel. The Sacral chakra controls our reproductive organs and it stimulates the feeling of pleasure, sexuality, etc. 

Chakra Meditation-Svadhisthana Or The Sacral Chakra 

Further, the Sacral chakra also controls our creative side. An imbalanced sacral chakra can block your creative side, and you may feel stuck. Other side effects of a disturbed sacral chakra are allergies, yeast infection, sexual problems, urinary problems, etc. 

Using orange gemstones, and eating orange-coloured food and drinks, may help heal the chakra. 

3. Manipura Or The Solar Plexus Chakra

Related colour – Yellow 

The Solar Plexus chakra rests in your abdomen or the stomach area. The Solar Plexus chakra controls our digestive system. But it’s just limited to it. The chakra also plays a crucial role in balancing our mental and emotional health. 

Chakra Meditation-Manipura Or The Solar Plexus Chakra

A disturbed Solar Plexus chakra may cause diabetes, digestive issues, memory loss, and constipation. Further, the proper balance of the Manipura or the Solar Plexus chakra is vital to understand your emotional and spiritual self.

4. Anahata Or The Heart Chakra  

Related colour – Green 

The Heart chakra sits on the heart or at the centre of the chest, as you can tell by the name. Located around the cardiovascular system, the Heart Chakra is responsible for controlling our respiratory organs, blood pressure, inner peace, and feeling of joy and happiness. 

Keeping the Heart Chakra perfectly balanced is essential to avoid high blood pressure, respiratory issues, muscle fatigue, breast cancer, etc. 

Keeping yourself happy, spending enough family time, and enjoying your solace among nature keeps the Heart chakra in place. Alternatively, you can wear green gemstones and eat and drink lots of green veggies and juice also helps in balancing out the Heart chakra. 

5. Visshuddha Or The Throat Chakra

Related colour – Blue 

Our fifth core chakra is the Throat chakra, located near the thyroid glands. This chakra is responsible for governing our communication and self-expression. But the Throat chakra also impacts our health to a great extent. 

When the throat chakra is not balanced perfectly, it may cause hormonal issues, thyroid problems, fever, and mood swings and make you susceptible to infections. 

6. Chakra Meditation-Anja Or The Third-Eye Chakra 

Related colour – Indigo 

The Third Eye chakra sits in between your eyebrows. Things related to the Third Eye chakra are- psychic abilities, imagination, intuition, and getting insights into different situations in life. Balancing the Third Eye chakra is essential to utilize your intuitive powers to the maximum. 

7. Chakra Meditation-Sahasrara Or The Crown Chakra 

Related coloursWhite and Purple 

The Crown chakra is positioned at the top of your head. The Crown chakra is responsible for your connection with the higher power and exploring your spiritual side. It helps you explore the wider world with a broader perspective. 

An imbalance of the Crown chakra may cause a mental and emotional disturbance and lack of confidence. You can chant the OM mantra to align your crown chakra. Alternatively, using a purple essential oil like lavender oil may also help heal the Crown chakra. 

Top 11 Chakra Meditation For Beginners 

As stated, keeping the following Chakras aligned is essential for your emotional, mental, and physical health. 

The following are the best eleven best-guided Chakra meditations that’ll ease beginners into it- 

1. Ten Minutes Chakra Balance Guided Meditation 

This calming, guided chakra meditation will clear any energy blocks or negative energies. The best time to practice this meditation is in the morning. But if you can’t manage in the morning, you can practice it anytime during the day. 

Ten Minutes Chakra Balance Guided Meditation

As it’s only a ten-minute meditation, you can easily squeeze it into your routine. I have tried this meditation and found immediate results. The meditation helps to put my mind at ease and let off any stress. 

2. Duality By Jeffery Allen 

Duality by Jeffery Allen is one of my favourite chakra healing meditations. Well, it’s not a single meditation; rather, it’s a complete quest. I would recommend Duality only for those who want to explore a deeper side of their chakra systems. 

Duality By Jeffery Allen 

It’s a seven-week program. The program included guided meditations of 30 to 40 minutes every day. During this phase, you’ll learn to control and activate your chakras whenever you want their energies. 

Moreover, Duality helps you awaken your energetic abilities, such as getting answers from your intuition, clearing energy blocks, strengthening your chakras, and even getting the power to heal yourself and others. 

3. Beginner Guided Chakra Meditation By Great Release 

This chakra meditation is perfect for beginners who are getting introduced to the chakra system. A soft, soothing voice-guided you through the meditation while helping you with the perfect visualizations. 

Chakra Meditation

It’ll help you put your mind and body at ease. And if you follow the instructions properly, you’ll soon see positive changes in your physical, mental and emotional health. 

4. Chakra Healing By Anodea Judith 

Chakra Healing by Anodea Judith is another powerful and beginner-friendly chakra meditation available on the Mindvalley platform. Like Duality, Chakra Healing is a five-week long program. 

Chakra Healing By Anodea Judith

Within these five weeks, you’ll learn to unlock your true potential and get rid of any substances that may be holding you back from gaining material and personal success. Andea Judith’s quest is much more than just a typical chakra-clearing meditation. 

It helps you get closer to your energetic ecosystem and find a perfect balance in every dimension of your life. However, it’s a paid quest and is mainly for those who want to explore their energetic side and learn how to utilize it for overall well-being. 

5. Complete Chakra Cleanse And Reset By Pura Rasa 

If you’re feeling tired, demotivated, and losing interest in everything, I would highly recommend you try this chakra meditation by Pura Rasa. 

This guided meditation will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and will take you closer to your spiritual side. This meditation also focuses on clearing any energy blocks from each chakra and letting go of any obstacles in your life. 

While the morning is the best time to practice meditation because of the pure energies, you can practice it any time of the day. However, it’s an hour-long meditation, so make sure no one disturbs you during that time. 

6. The Seven Chakras Alignment Guided Meditation For Beginners| Chakra Balancing & Healing By BrettLarkin Yoga 

With visualization, breathing exercises and mantras, this guided meditation helps to align the seven chakras, which are our energy centres. If you feel your energy centres are not working properly, this thirty minutes guided meditation will be of great help. 

The best part about this meditation is you can practice while sitting or laying down. When you lie down, make yourself comfortable and release all muscle tension. 

When you practice sitting down, make sure your hips are higher than the knees. And keep your hands’ palms face down on the thighs. 

7. New Beginners Chakra Meditation By Meditation Zen 

This is another powerful beginner chakra meditation to help you cleanse your chakras. It’s only a 20-minute meditation, and I suggest you practice it in the morning. It will ease you into the chakra system and, at the same time, will help you get insight into the chakra healing. 

8. Chakra Meditation Cleansing, Healing, And Balancing With Guided Hypnosis Activation by Michael Sealey 

You may get a bit apprehensive hearing the word hypnosis. But the instructor Michael Sealey is a certified practitioner of clinical hypnotherapy. His meditations are quite powerful and leave you feeling refreshed. 

This chakra meditation will heal the seven core energy centres, leave you feeling refreshed, and get rid of any energy blocks. The self-hypnosis visualization technique will energize your inner spirit to help you lead a happy, positive and healthy life. It’s almost a 45-minute long meditation program, so make sure you get complete peace while practising it. 

9. Chakra Sleep Guided Meditation For Beginners: Heal & Balance Chakras By Sleep-Easy-Relax-Keith Smith  

Ideal for beginners, this guided meditation will help you clear any negative energies from your system. Further, it’ll balance your chakras so that you achieve complete happiness and get closer to your spiritual side. 

Additionally, this meditation is also beneficial for people struggling to get a peaceful sleep. This 37-minute long meditation will put your mind and body at ease and induce a relaxing feeling. 

10. Guided Meditation- Chakra Balancing by Honest Guys

The guided meditation was created by honest guys and includes some basic meditations.

This will help you to align your chakras with their simple techniques. This exercise will guide you through each chakra that will allow energy to flow and blocks to be released.

It is perfect for anyone who needs to harmonise and balance their body’s energy.

11. Unblock All The Seven Chakras Guided Meditation By Meditative Mind 

Wrapping this list of best beginner chakra meditation with this guided meditation by Meditative Mind. In this healing program, you’ll let go of any tension and unwanted energies from your chakra system. 

You’ll achieve great awareness of what might be blocking your chakras and towards releasing that tension. Besides, this meditation will instill a sense of calm and a positive attitude and let go of anything that might trouble you. 

Some Crucial Tips About Chakra Meditation 

To ensure you balance the entire chakra system, you have to focus on each one individually. Keep in mind the following tips while performing chakra meditation- 

  • Ensure that there is complete peace around you during the meditation. Nobody and not even calls or messages should intervene when you’re meditating. 
  • Sit comfortably with your legs folded. You can sit on the bare floor, on a mat or take a cushion as well. 
  • Keep your spine straight but don’t stress about it. Keep your palms rested on the keens. Relax your entire body. 
  • Practice deep breathing. 
  • Visualize each chakra with the colour it’s associated with. Then imagine the energy flowing from the Root chakra to the Crown chakra. 
  • Give sufficient time to each chakra until you feel vibrant energy passing through it.
  • Please remember that when you first start the chakra meditation, you may feel a little heavy and not find it difficult to focus on each chakra. Don’t get demotivated. Keep practising, and you’ll soon ace it. 

Final Thoughts! Beginner Chakra Meditation (2023)

Our chakras play a crucial role in keeping our lives on the right track; hence, keeping them perfectly aligned is vital. I hope this beginner chakra meditation guide was useful and informative. 

Let me know which chakra meditation you’re going to try in the comments! 

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