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In this episode we will talk about:

I was not expecting to produce another podcast until July 4.  I was contacted by Corey Wadden, who started Millionaire by 25.  Corey publicly proclaimed to make one million dollars by the time he is 25.  I have been following Corey and his journey for the last six months.  I feel he has some amazing things to share with us so I had to jump on this opportunity.

Corey Wadden lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  His parents were divorced when he was a young age.  Corey was raised being sent back and forth between his mother and father and from school to school. His parents had little education and it proved difficult for his family to get by.

Acting became a career aspiration for Corey because he associated characters on a screen with sanctuary.  His life at that time was not the best.  At 20 he planned to move to California, as many aspiring actors do, to pursue the acting dream.  He didn’t have enough money so Corey started doing door-to-door sales.  He tried to get enough money saved up to move.  Corey was actually fired from that job.

It was around that time that Corey realized that his family didn’t have a retirement plan.  It bothered him; he didn’t feel comfortable pursuing a career that could take a decade or longer to be successful financially while his family was struggling.  However, it wasn’t until his mom was at risk of losing her job, for no fault of her own, that Corey abandoned the acting aspirations temporarily.

Corey and a friend, who is an aspiring musician, came up with an idea to film themselves as they tried to become successful artists and financially free by the age of 25. They soon dismissed the idea because they didn’t want to risk losing their privacy and having cameras filming them all the time.

Corey realized that if he doesn’t provide retirement support for his family, they won’t have the opportunity.  Corey began thinking of what he could do and the memory of “Millionaire By 25” came back to him. At the time Corey was 23.  Corey thought, “What if I decided to take 2 years of my life to do everything I could to retire my family and attain financial freedom?” After watching documentaries like Capitalism, A Love Story, Corey realized that there are a lot of people struggling to get by financially.  Corey thought, “If I documented the entire process, I’m sure I would learn a lot of valuable knowledge on how people can get out of these types of situations and take control of their lives.”  That knowledge could prove very helpful to people in need.

Corey plans to finish his documentary and submit it to film festivals. He also plans to take a portion of the documentary sales and give it to a charity foundation that helps families get back on their feet and in control of their financial present and future.


In this session you’ll discover:

-What type of feelings did Corey have when he proclaimed his goal online?  What reactions did he receive from others?  I also wanted to know what kind of self-talk was going on within Corey.

-What type of books did Corey use to guide him along the process?  Corey had no background or experience in business.  He literally started from nothing.

-Does Corey need motivation to continue with the quest of obtaining one million dollars in two years?

-I want to know how we can set big goals and reach them.

-What type of changes did Corey go through during his journey toward his goal?

-Why should everyone have a dream book?

-Corey talks about his documentary and how we can help donate money toward the cause.





Never Eat Alone


App Empire



This is the Operation Self Reset podcast and now it’s time to reset your life.

Hello and welcome back to Operation Self Reset. This is podcast episode number nine and last time we spoke in episode number eight I finished up the episode in saying that the next time I would be speaking to you guys would be on July 4, 2013, and obviously that’s a lie because I am speaking to you guys July 1st of 2013. The reasoning is because I have an interview for you guys. His name is Corey Wadden. Maybe some of you have heard of him. Maybe you guys have not. I have personally been following him for six, seven months now, and the reason I have been is because he has a project that he is currently deep into and it’s called Millionaire by 25. And when he turned 23 years old, he decided to proclaim that he wanted to make 1 million dollars within two years. And the reason why he wanted to make 1 million dollars is because he wanted to financially retire his parents from the rat race of life, and it was super inspiring to me the first time that I ran into—I believe it was one of his videos—and it was his first video that he put online and it was him sitting in his room—I believe with his iPhone—and he told the whole world that he wanted to make 1 million dollars in two years. He has no previous business experience. He had no current business projects going on. Literally, he was starting from ground zero. He was starting with nothing but only a goal, and he wanted to accomplish that within two years. That’s when I was like, “Geez.”

Think of it to yourself: how many times have you set a goal personally and you kept it to yourself because you didn’t want too many people to find out about it? You didn’t want to really let it out there in space because you were afraid, “Oh man, what if my best friend hears about this or what if so and so hears about this? I’m gonna feel embarrassed and what are they gonna think? Are they gonna be rooting for me or are they gonna be against me?” But this guy went online, on YouTube, and proclaimed it to the world. And that’s when I got hooked, and I have been following his journey ever since. He is currently about a year and a half into the project. He has until January of 2014 to complete his project which will be gaining 1 million dollars within two years. And like I said, this guy has nothing. He started from nothing but an idea and a goal and a finish line, but he had no structure in place and simply mind-blowing. Spectacular guy. You guys got to go check it out. It’s Millionaireby25.com. It’s a blog. It’s a website. He tells his whole journey. He has multiple videos with the people that have influenced him and gave him direction in obtaining his 1 million dollars.

So it’s awesome and I’m so honored to have him on the podcast because, like I said, I’ve been following him for about six, seven months, and previously when I started this podcast I put him on the list to interview. And I sent out an email to him and he didn’t get back to me and one of his default emails was, “I’m just busy. I’m trying to reach my goal. I’ll give you guys my time after the two years.” And I thought, “Perfect. After his two-year stint I’ll try to get back in contact with him.” But currently, he is trying to raise money for a documentary that he wants to launch worldwide to give people inspiration and give them motivation and everything that I’m trying to release to you guys but in more of a personal journey form and giving you guys the tools and letting you know that you can start literally from nothing but with only a goal in mind and achieve it.

He was looking for a platform to raise money for his documentary, and I sent him another email and I just let him know about the podcast and how well it’s doing. For all you guys out there listening, I want to let you know I am currently ranked in the top 150 podcasts in the iTunes store which is absolutely awesome. I could not believe it. I saw a huge jump in the number of downloads and I was like, “Oh, okay, that’s—not really weird—but it was kind of like that’s a little out of the norm.” And so I checked recently and I was 138. Every day, every minute actually fluctuates a little bit, so I’ve been bouncing around from 119 to 156 and it’s been crazy cool, and that’s in all categories. That’s not just in the self-help area. So I am truly blessed and thank you guys so much for listening.

And also, too, I just want to reach out and say thank you so much to the people who have sent me emails asking for suggestions and tips. For example, we had Angela, she asked, “How can I increase my overall personal self?” I feel like I’m a six, but I want to get to a ten. How do I do that, Jake?” She reached out to me. She really poured out her heart and soul to me, and I feel I gave her some great tips and great insight on how to reach her goal of getting the most out of life and following her true passion and finding that within herself. Great remarkable story.

Natalie, if you’re listening I know you’re in LA right now. It’s tough. It’s down and dirty, and you’ve got to go out there and do the hustle. But I know you have it within yourself and last time we spoke I believe I ended the email with, “Tough times never last; tough people do.” And you are a tough cookie, so keep at it. Keep doing your thing and I hope you got some value out of that last email.

And the last person I want to finish up with is Kyle. And Kyle has an amazing job. Things are going great for him, but he doesn’t feel that this is the position that he wants to take for the rest of his life. He feels like there’s more to it. He wants to go explore and do some other things that are off the beaten path, and he feels, “Is that the right thing to do?” Even though his gut is telling him one thing, maybe he should do the other or vice versa. Kyle, I will get back to your email. Got a lot of stuff going on currently, so after July 4th expect something from me.

So many of you guys reached out to me and those were a couple of snippets. If you guys want to get mentioned on the podcast, if you guys want to get a personal email from me, you guys got to go to support@operationselfreset.com. And let me know what’s going on in your life. If you’re having issues, if you’re having difficulty, if your confidence is lacking, you feel you have greatness within and don’t know how to find it, or you have something that’s so great but you know it’s not for you, let me know. Hopefully, I can give you guys a couple of suggestions to guide you on the right path. This is all about resetting our lives, taking the journey less taken, and you know what? Every minute we live is another step closer to our final, single day, so why not put it all out there? You know what? No holding back. Don’t save those aces for a rainy day. Put them out on the table and see what happens because you never know where your life’s gonna take you. So, so much thanks from the bottom of my heart to you guys listening. This has been awesome. I’m so thankful for you guys reaching out to me and I hope I inspired you to do what you have to do to transform your life in the direction that you want to go. There is no question too big, too small. I actually just received an email from a gentleman, I don’t want to mention his name cause it’s quite the story he laid on me. And it was almost overwhelming, and he even started the email with, “This might be too much, but I have to ask you because you said ask anything.” And I love that and that was awesome and you know what? I am here to listen and I am here to give advice and that’s what I do. So if you have a crazy question, let me know and I will bounce it back at you and give you some valuable insight on how to tackle that thing, whatever it is.

So let’s go into the interview right now. We have Corey Wadden from Millionaire by 25. He wants to receive, gain, make, whatever, 1 million dollars within two years. He started this project at 23 years old. He is a year and a half in and let’s hear what he has to say about life, motivation, and keeping his eyes on the prize. Here we go. Thanks so much. We’ll catch you at the end of the interview.

Corey, thank you so much for coming on the podcast here. I really do appreciate your time. You’re a busy guy. You going on there and proclaiming that you want to gain 1 million dollars in two years is a huge goal. Where did this truly come from and would you mind explaining that to us?

Yeah, not at all. It was a very selfless goal even though it sounds like a very selfish goal when you hear Millionaire by 25. It really came from my mom. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up. She raised my brother and I on her own and they’re actually from this town. It’s on an island called Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia which is also in Canada. And it was known for its railway industry but predominantly its coal mining industry and then a little bit of the fishing industry, so my family was really heavily rooted in the coal mines, and when those closed down my parents were like the children of the coal miners. You know? And so they realized there wasn’t a lot of opportunity, a super small town, so they moved out West to have my brother and myself.

So when they split when I was pretty young, my mom predominantly raised us and she often had to work three jobs, you know, they dropped out of high school in grade seven and in grade eight, so they have like no education at all, just a pretty intense work ethic and, you know, they had my brother pretty young so it just became a struggle, man. Like the whole time growing up and I’ve always wanted to be an actor, which you know, you’re either like dirt broke or filthy rich. There’s not really like an in between.


And so when my mom was at risk of losing her job, I just knew I had to do something cause I didn’t want to [unclear 10:11] struggle and I thought, “Hmmm, how can I do this?” And I just sat at home one night, and I was thinking, “Ok. What if I gave myself two years to earn 1 million dollars, and I feel that that would be enough to retire my mom at least for a long time. Maybe not for the rest of her life but for a long time, and if I can kind of carry that kind of work ethic over, I think she’ll be fine.”

For sure. Now when you said this to your mom, what was her reaction? Was she like, “Yes! I was waiting for you to do this!”? Or was it like, “You’re crazy. I support you but you just got to do what makes you happy”? What was her reaction when you said this to her?

Well, she’s so used to being a provider that she wasn’t just like, “Ok. Take care of me.” And that’s basically what I was trying to tell her. So she’s very stubborn, so she says, “No. I think you should go to school, and I think you should go pursue something and don’t worry about me” and all that kind of stuff. And it’s only recently that she’s starting to believe that, holy cow, like, you know, maybe in less than a year I could be traveling and doing all this kind of fun stuff. So she’s come around to it a lot more recently, I’d say.

For sure. Now the biggest thing that I wanted to talk to you about is when you told your mom about this, obviously you probably talked to her about doing this project before you went online and did that little quick video of saying, “I want to make a million dollars within two years.”


When you finally did kind of gather yourself and sit down and record that and really put your stake in the ground, what was going through your head? Were you nervous, like were people gonna accept this? Were they gonna make fun of me? Did you not care? Did you know that this was your next step in life? What was going through your mind personally?

Well, I definitely had a little bit of insecurity about it.


But I can say the one thing that worked in my favor to obviously get me to where I am now is the fact that I always felt like a bit of an outsider because I had been to like 13 schools by the time I finished high school. So I didn’t have time to form any real serious friendships. It was just a bunch of acquaintances, so I was just always used to constantly being in a new environment, constantly feeling like an outsider and when that happens you don’t really fear anyone making you feel like an outsider cause you’ve always felt like that. So in that way, that instability actually worked in my favor for doing it. But, yeah, I mean of course I felt a little bit insecure about it because it’s a vulnerable feeling to broadcast yourself out to the world like that, but I think because it was a selfless goal I didn’t have an issue with it.

Yeah, right. Now, I tip my hat to you. That is so cool that you did that. A lot of us listening to this podcast or even myself, it’s tough to proclaim that I want to do something that big. That’s a very big goal. Two years is a quick time in reality, so that’s a lot of internal pressure a lot of other people would feel, but that’s awesome that you decided to do that. Now, when you started on your journey you talked about that you didn’t have really any mentors growing up and stuff like that and early in the process you read a lot of books, right? You got your hands on a lot of different stuff, articles, trying to get the ball rolling. I know your first step was meeting with one of your old bosses who was a millionaire or something along those lines. But what was another tool that you really utilized that kind of moved you in the right direction?

Geez, tool.

Yeah, I mean there’s so many.

The interview, man. I think it’s the interview, seriously. But you have to understand the context of that. Okay, so let me give you a little bit of a history. Prior to starting this challenge, I was fired from a door-to-door sales company that I had worked for for three years because I was underperforming and it got to a point where I was just like, and that’s the thing with my mom. I felt really demotivated cause that whole thing was actually working to help her as it was. So I already kind of was working towards helping my mom out and then I was just fed up, man. I was like, “I’m 23 years old. I’ve always wanted to be an actor and here I am, you know, sacrificing that a little bit to try and help out.” And I wasn’t thinking big enough, so I lost my motivation, man. I was burning out after three years, not seeing the fruits of the labors so to speak. It was too long.

So the interesting thing is after I got fired, here I am calling him up a couple weeks later saying, “Hey, I know you just fired me, but can you meet with me? I have a couple questions to ask you.” You know, God love the guy. He was super supportive and [unclear 14:41] and met with me and he’s the one who gave me the tools to start off, man. He gave me a couple of book suggestions. He referred me to another outlier and it just went from there. The thing is though, now, in retrospect when people meet me they think I’m like someone who has all of this knowledge, but like I had no knowledge whatsoever about business. Nothing, you know? I had been a sales coach, so like I knew how to talk to people, but beyond that, nothing. That just goes to show for anyone who’s listening in, if you are trying to take on something even if it’s completely out of your element, you can really do it in a short amount of time. But as far as resources go and tools, I really just made sure that I was just taking selective ignorance, meaning only taking advice from people that had what I wanted and that would include my former boss and the people he introduced me to and then from there on out.

Sure. Sure. Now, one thing I talk a lot about in this podcast is motivation and self-inspiration, self-confidence, all that stuff. There must be times during this journey, obviously it’s not complete yet, but you’re doing a lot of things. You’re moving around. You’re meeting people. How do you personally keep yourself really focused and dialed in. Obviously you have a bigger goal. You’re trying to reach it. But there must be some days you wake up and you’re just burnt out. You’re just thinking this isn’t working. Maybe that one thing you tried doing didn’t go as planned. What do you do personally to keep yourself amped up?

Well, I never had a demotivated feeling. The only kind of feeling that I had was, “Am I doing the right thing?” That was the only issue I had. To be honest, I don’t think there’s been one moment over these two years where I felt like giving up or even not wanting to get out of bed. It’s weird. So I think the why is just big enough. I think the public accountability that I created lit a fire under my ass cause you know a bunch of people are gonna call you out if you don’t hit it. So that’s inspiration for you. So I guess.

Well, and also, too, you have a big social network around you to kind of keep that inspiration going. Like, I would imagine you got fan mail that people are like, “I’m so inspired by you.” And then that inspires yourself to keep on going.


Is that true?

Well, at the beginning it wasn’t like that. It was like [unclear 17:05] people trying to discourage me from trying something like that which is funny, but it’s that whole effect of like once people see other people getting involved they want to get involved and they want to, you know, be on your side about it. But, yeah, I think public accountability thing is huge. I think knowing my why, I think that book I created the dream book of just like all the things that I want in my life, that, those tools really, there’s never a moment where I don’t feel inspired or motivated. But I think it’s because it’s beyond me.

Now that dream book, do you mind going into that a little more? I personally know what it’s about. People listening might not. Do you mind kind of talking about that?

Sure. So for those listening, you guys may know about like a vision board where you take like a piece of Bristol board and you put pictures of the things you want to be, do, and have on it, and you put it on your wall and you look at it. You pray to it or whatever you want to do. But for me, I thought that worked and it did but I wanted something that I could really take with me wherever I went to kind of keep me on track for those moments that you were talking about.


And there’s something that’s crazy that happens when you really try and fill 100 pages with things you want to be, do, and have. Like, you may think, like, okay, you don’t necessarily know why you want it and you don’t know like how much it would coast and you don’t know all of these different areas of your life. And when you start to fill in, even ten pages is probably more than 99% of people have done before, so it really comes down to that, man. It comes down to really, really being specific about what you want and that’s why this book is so powerful.

Yeah. How long ago did you write that before starting this project? Was this something you always had or you always kind of grew it?

No, it was actually six months in—June.

Wow, okay.

Yeah, and it’s pretty direct correlation of when the really more exciting things have started happening in the journey. It correlates directly with when I made that book.

Sure. Yeah, one of the things I saw was you wanted to meet Tim Ferriss, for example. And then you met him and you were just looking at your book and you were like, “I’m gonna see him and he’s in my book right now.” It was just really cool to see the connection that happened because of that. That’s awesome stuff. Throughout your journey here, what personally have you found that changed within yourself? Did you become more self-confident? Obviously, we already talked about some of your feelings, but was there one specific thing that from where you are today from when you started this project that you have changed internally?

Yeah, sure. I think the belief level has risen dramatically. Like, before this, I’d always question, can I do this? It’s changed now to do I want to do this? Because I’m confident that if I put as much energy as I did into this into anything, I’ll be successful and that rings true for anybody. If you put, like the amount of effort in, really people overestimate their competition. You need to underestimate your competition because oftentimes you psych yourself out of doing things because you think people are gonna outperform you or whatever the excuse may be. But if you put that much persistence and dedication into anything, you’ll succeed at it, but the question is, your time is really limited on earth and is it what you want to spend your time doing? That’s what it comes down to. So that’s the biggest change I’d say.

Yeah, okay. Now that kind of leads into one of my other questions I had, and maybe it’s the same answer. But if I was to come up to you and say, “Corey,”—and we’re good buddies—“I don’t want to get a million dollars in two years, but I’m just looking for something, something to change my life. I’m looking for a new path in life. What would you suggest to me? What’s one area I could improve or one area I could try to reach for?” Do you have a suggestion like that?

In business or your personal life or both?

I guess both. I mean a new direction, business, and just finding my true calling, whatever.

Sure, sure, sure. Yeah, I would say like the fundamental question that I kind of had to ask myself and that I think people should ask themselves, I think it’s like a Tony Robbins thing: is your life goal to sit on a beach or is it to change the world? And it can be a combination of both, but you should decide what percentage of each it is, if that makes sense.

For sure.

So really figure out, you know, cause when you do try and change the world often times that can lead to a completely different lifestyle than something somebody who would want to sit on a beach, you know. You want to sit on a beach? You can create a business that isn’t necessarily gonna change the world, but could create passive income for you and you can go have the freedom to travel and just live. Or if you really want to make an impact and be remembered for something, then that might be a different path. So I think that’s like the fundamental thing that you have to ask yourself. And then from there, figure out why you want to do it and then do something like this. Figure out, like, who do you want to meet? What are the things you want to own? What’s like the bucket list items you want to get off your list? What’s your dream partner look like? What are the qualities of character you want to have? And I think the book Psycho-Cybernetics is like probably the best book for figuring that out. That, and Mastery I would say are two killer books on the subjects.

Okay. Cool. Now let’s kind of go into the reason why you’re looking for additional help in something here that deals with the project. Do you mind telling us kind of what you have going on now that you need help with?

Sure. So right now I’m releasing a crowdfunding campaign for my documentary. I think this film is really important for people to see, especially young entrepreneurs or young people trying to make a difference, but anyone really. And I wanted to inspire them. I want people to watch it and say, “Okay, this is what may happen when you go after an incredible goal of that magnitude and this is what to expect as far as like the ups and downs along the way.” And I really don’t think that the downs outweigh the ups and I want people to see that. So like the element of mystery when you want to take on something big is removed, and it would be feel good. You know, it’s a feel-good story—a son trying to retire his mom.

So I think the film is needed because me being raised mainly by media, cause my mom was always working, I was always watching movies and TV and things like that. Like that was my form of escapism. I know if there are more films and projects like this that will [unclear 23:27] while entertaining them, I think that this world would be a better place in my opinion. So, yeah, I think the film definitely needs to be told and all of my funds for the remaining six months that I have left in this challenge has to go all to reinvesting into the businesses, so I can’t afford to pay. People don’t realize how much money it actually is to make a documentary or make a film.

I believe it.

So I’m aiming to get $25,000 raised from people like you and I to make this film a reality because if it isn’t, I don’t know. I’m gonna have to do something but [unclear 24:05] anymore. I need help. I need a professional crew, so that is what I’m looking for.

Okay. And when is that gonna be launched?

That’s gonna be launched early July, tentatively July 3rd, which is next Wednesday.

Yeah. And now that’s gonna be on Kickstarter, correct? Is that the only platform?

No, it will be on Indiegogo because Indiegogo is like a Canadian one. They’re pretty much the exact same thing; just Kickstarter’s a little iffy with Canadian campaigns.

Okay. Fair enough.

They are.

Now, you were talking about a couple of the business, all the money has to go back in the businesses. Do you mind telling us what you have done to raise or get close to that million-dollar goal?

Yeah, yeah. Sure. So I’ve been working on several projects. The first year, I tried like this fashion startup. Didn’t pan out at all. I was bootstrapping a lot, going door-to-door selling everything under the sun. I had started like an online website that I thought would be like user-created content and I thought, you know, maybe throwing ads in that would make some money. It didn’t really pan out. And then eventually I [unclear 25:12] about the six-month mark where I thought, “Hmmm, maybe I should start to delve into apps and e-books.” And that’s really been my main focal point since then has been apps and e-books.

But people don’t [unclear 25:25], “Oh, well, I mean, you know, your businesses are making sales and stuff. You know, how come you can’t use that money?” Well, if you’re in business, people who are, you know, savvy in business and you really want to make [unclear 25:37] growth in a short amount of time, you better be reinvesting every penny. So it’s definitely a struggle. But, yeah, they’re doing well. They’re doing well right now. I have several apps in the top 1000 in the overall store, like two or three right now.


They don’t necessarily make as much money as you think they would.

And I know you have numerous apps too, right? It’s not like two or whatever. You have a company and then you have a lot of apps surrounding it. Correct?

Yeah. Yep, yep, yep. So, I follow Chad Mureta’s strategy. He’s got a great book called App Empire. Awesome guy, and he really lays it out for you for how to make successful apps.

Let’s take a step back. Before you kind of got into the app and e-book and stuff, you said there were a couple of projects that you thought would work, they didn’t. Everybody thinks like an idea, “This is gonna be my million-dollar idea, whatever.” It doesn’t work out. Obviously you get bouncing and bouncing until you found something that stuck. What was going on when you realized a couple of these in the early on it didn’t work out? Were you kind of freaking out? Like, “Oh, man, my time’s ticking. I’m wasting time.” Were you kind of getting all amped up and kind of nervous and thinking, “Oh, boy, this might not pan out that well?”

Yeah, I was definitely worried. I had a moment right around the six-month mark once again, that pivotal moment where I like left the city. My friend told me, “You know what? You’re too caught up in the day-to-day. Get out. Look at things from an aerial perspective, bird’s eye view.” And I went to this really nice place about an hour away with these waterfalls and these trails and I went out and I just cleared my head, man. And I thought, “You know, does it feel right what I’m doing? Am I confident in it?” And it was an overwhelming, “No.” And I came back and I met with a couple of people that I wanted to get into business with potentially, and we spent like two days kind of like with whiteboards going over all the options for moving forward for business ideas.

There was a podcast earlier on about Meetups and getting out there and finding like-minded individuals and stuff like that. You being in this type of mindset and knowing that you had a goal at the end obviously kind of got you in the position to just go out there and extend your hand, meet people, find the right people for the position and job or what-not. Do you have a suggestion for somebody that’s starting out new and feeling like, “Oh, I don’t know if I want to get myself out there. I feel intimidated by other people. I don’t feel like I’m worthy enough to go and extend my hand and meet people. And what am I gonna say?”? Do you have some information and tips that you can share with the people that are feeling insecure about going out there and meeting people?

Sure, absolutely. I think like the baby approach to do it is to always get introduced by somebody and, you know, like if you’re going to an event and you have someone that you know kind of like have you tag along and then get intro’ed that way and kind of piggyback. I think that’s huge. I think reading the book Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi is a dope book on that subject, probably the best I’ve read.


But I would say about the whole fear thing, there’s this quote, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” And it’s true. And there’s no reason to be afraid because everyone feels that way, and we’re all kind of in this life together. You know, it’s, he whole concept of everybody being on this planet, circulating around, you know, in the middle of space, we’re a lot more alike than we tend to give ourselves credit for.


And if you just look at it that way and say, “Everyone’s just a person and everyone’s trying to figure themselves out.” And I don’t think anyone has it all figured out. So I think the sooner you realize that and just accept it, the better you’ll feel about going out and just saying what you believe in because you’ve got to get your name out there in one way, shape, or form. And I think once again, like for me, I made my shit really public—pardon my language.
Yeah, it’s alright.

You don’t have to do that. You can have a friend, maybe a hardass friend that you go to and he’ll be your accountability partner and you, even that alone like studies have shown through like, there’s this one, I think it’s like the University of Wisconsin is like the one really good study on it says it’s like four times the performance if you have an accountability partner and you just give them progress updates once a week. Those two things alone will be insane. And if you’re feeling insecure about meeting new people, those are things you can discuss with your accountability partner, you know? But if you’re in your apprenticeship phase, just be open to all those feelings because it’s part of the process and everybody goes through it.

Yeah, those are huge points and great suggestions on how to do that. And you’re right. Not everybody has to go online and proclaim what they want to do.


But, you know what though? That will keep the fire under your butt. I’m still smiling from it because when I started this project Operation Self Reset, I knew personally I wanted to help people that were in the same position as myself and everything like that. And when I saw your video, I thought, “Gosh.” I was trying to imagine myself saying that to everybody, my coworkers and friends, and I know I would be getting harassed and made fun of and stuff. I tip my hat to you. You’re an awesome, awesome guy. How can people get in touch with you?

Sure. There’s several forms. I think the easiest form would be Facebook. That’s kind of like my journal for the whole thing. So Facebook.com/millionaireby25. The website: Millionaireby25.com. But Facebook’s probably the best way.

Alright, perfect. And one last question: are you gonna hit your goal of one million dollars come 2014?

I definitely intend to. Yes.

Perfect. That was the mindset of a true millionaire right there. Corey, I appreciate your time. Thank you so much. I wish you nothing but the best and also, too, I personally want to donate $100 towards your project. I wish you nothing but the best, man. You have personally inspired me to take action, and for that I hope it works out and I hope this documentary gets made and really helps a lot of people out there. Also, too, you guys can go to Corey’s website and he has a resource link at the bottom. There are some videos and movies that you personally found inspiring, correct?


And I know for sure that this documentary will be on somebody else’s resources down the road. So, man, great job. Keep on kicking butt. And I can’t wait to see your progress for the next couple months here.

Thanks, man. It means a lot. Appreciate it. [It was fun 32:17].

We’ll keep in touch and thanks again, Corey.

Yep, sounds good.

Wow, what a great interview. So much very good knowledge in there. A lot of notes. You guys can go check them out at OperationSelfReset.com/podcast009. There you can find all of Corey Wadden’s quotes and links to books and different things that he talked about in this interview. Very powerful. Some great insight for people out there that need a little assistance in getting started, finding their goals, setting them, and you know what? For the people that do not have a vision board or anything else, make sure you guys start filling out your dream book today. I’m gonna try to put a PDF together, something you guys can maybe start typing a few things that you crave or want in your life and then you can drag and drop some pictures to go along with the sayings, quotes, and/or ideas. It’s a very powerful tool. It might sound simple to some of you people that are not familiar with it, but I would highly suggest it. And obviously it has really helped Corey in his endeavors and process of going towards 1 million dollars within two years.

Be sure you guys also check out Indiegogo.com come July 3rd. He will be launching his crowdsourcing campaign. Make sure if you have a couple extra bucks, throw it his way. If not, just be a supporter. Maybe write a couple of things on his blog and/or on his Facebook page. His Facebook page is the same as his website: Millionaire by 25. Go check him out. Great, amazing guy. Down to earth. And it’s an honor to have him on the podcast. I think he brought you guys some great value and just amazing content that we can use right now.

Now, also, too, you guys can go check out OperationSelfReset.com/tips, and there you’re gonna find all of the tips that I pulled away from Corey Wadden’s interview just now. Actually when I was relistening to the interview and jotting down a couple of things, it turned into about 30 items. So this tip jar might be kind of full on this one, but I’ll try to scrape through and just find the best of the best that we can use instantly to enhance our lives and streamline them.

So there you guys go. I really do appreciate your time, taking a listen to the podcast. Again, I’m so blessed to have you guys on my side listening to this. If you have any questions, anything you need, and like Corey Wadden said maybe have somebody be your personal accountability guy. And you know what? If nobody is out there and if your mom and dad are busy and your best friend is booked, lean on me. I’m here for you guys. If you want to reach out to me and say, “You know what, Jake? I want to set my goal A, B, C,” I will be there every step of the way to help you guide and get through that process. I want you guys to succeed. I was not in a good spot when I started this podcast. Things are going actually quite well. I’m going to give you guys a podcast update, and also, too, I’m gonna try to pull away from these interviews, but they’re so fun. They’re so valuable. I’m getting a lot of great things out of it. That’s why I think I keep reaching out to people and interviewing them because I get so much too. But, yet, I need to pull it back and tell you guys some personal events along my journey here because that’s why I started this project.

But, anyway, enough about me. The next time you’re gonna be hearing my voice will be in a couple days, July 4th. When I started this podcast, I always knew I wanted to interview somebody from the military. It didn’t matter who, just, you know, July 4th, Independence Day, I thought it would be the right thing to do. I have a great, deep passion and thankful spirit for the members of our armed services and I thought, “Why not get somebody on here and tell us what the military has taught them that they can use in their daily lives?” And I am very blessed to share with you guys. I don’t know, should I tell you? Do you want to know? We have a Medal of Honor recipient coming on the podcast. I guess I’ll tell you his name—Michael Thornton. He received the Medal of Honor in 1972 for his actions in Vietnam. He also is one of the original members of Seal Team Six. Amazing. Just had the interview today. The guy is just awesome. So make sure you set a couple of minutes, well, probably an hour aside and listen to this great interview on the greatest day of our country—July 4, 2013. It’s gonna be a special day not only because it’s Independence Day but also, too, because we have Michael Thornton, the recipient of the Medal of Honor. My gosh. There are only about 80 living Medal of Honor recipients in the US currently, and there have only been about 3400 of these medals given out.

So it’s a true honor to have him on the podcast. I can’t even believe it. It was so funny. When I was putting his contact in my phone, you write a little something about somebody, like if I met myself: Jake Nawrocki, podcast dude. Whatever. So I was writing in Michael Thornton, and then I was like, “Navy Seal.” It was just crazy! Geez! So I never thought in a million years this would happen. I am very blessed. But anyway, it’s gonna be an awesome podcast. Looking forward to it. And also, too, for my international listeners, I am very proud of where I was born, the United States, and I know you guys listening wherever you are from have the greatest respect for your own country and I salute you guys too and to your own armed services’ men and women out there. Anybody that fights for their country deserves a hats-off standing ovation because it is an amazing thing to give back to your country.

So if you guys have a second, please go to iTunes. Leave a review for Operation Self Reset podcast. It’d be greatly, greatly appreciated. Love it or hate it, either way, take the time. And I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also, too, like I told you guys in the beginning of the podcast, if you need anything in your life—I mean literally anything—send me an email: support@operationselfreset.com. And let me know what’s going on with you. Last time I asked for you guys to send me emails I got like 35 responses which is just awesome. I’ve been hustling trying to send responses back. Please, don’t feel that, “Oh, he’s not gonna get back to me or whatever.” I am a one-man show. This is all coming from my brain to my fingertips sending it across the worldwide web into your mailbox—some great, helpful information and let’s connect, man. I’d love to hear what’s going on with you and it will only make this podcast better and better.

And I want to leave you guys with a little motivational tip. Just like Corey Wadden stated in the podcast, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” So true. Whatever you guys are doing, whatever happens in your life currently, fear is going to get in the way of it. But you know what? You can get past that. Don’t let fear hold you back. Life is short and precious, like I always talk about. And maybe I overstate it, but it is so true. Take a second and who cares if you get embarrassed? Who cares if people are gonna say, “That’s not a good idea” or this or that? Who really cares? Because at the end of the day, if you make yourself happy that’s all that really matters and everything else will fall into place. Guys, thank you again so much. Take it easy and we will catch you on July 4th. God bless you all. Good night.

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