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Operation Self Reset Episode 39: Workaholics Cure for Anxiety, Play It Away with Charlie Hoehn

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking again with Charlie Hoehn author of the book Play It Away.

As we learned in episode 38, Charlie tried to get a nice job when he graduated from college. He applied to over a hundred companies, but the recession had hit and Charlie wasn’t having any luck getting that job he’d expected to find. One night, he decided that since he wasn’t getting paid anyway, he was only going to work on projects that he really loved. He reached out to successful business people online and offered to help them with their work for free. He began working with Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Work Week, during the launch of his new book The 4-Hour Body. Soon Charlie was working hard and really pushing himself. He wasn’t taking care of himself, was dealing with a lot of anxiety, and soon burned out.

Charlie felt like he shouldn’t complain because he was getting such an amazing opportunity, working on this book with Tim Ferriss, but he began to feel terrible. He had pushed himself so hard both physically and mentally, and it was beginning to show.  He started to develop anxiety and he needed a cure for anxiety.  He kept telling himself that he could do this, all he had to do was make it through a few months of work and he’d be done. But then one thing after another hit—the deadline was pushed back, a death, a crisis involving a friend—among the escalating exhaustion Charlie was already feeling.

Charlie realized that he couldn’t keep going on like this.  He needed a cure for anxiety.  Visits with his doctor weren’t helping with the anxiety ruling his life. It wasn’t until he read the book Play by Stuart Brown, M.D., that he realized he wasn’t letting himself play and enjoy life anymore. When Charlie started playing, his life changed and the people he spent his time with changed.

Featured Quote of the Day

“Spirit is the playground of your soul. Invest into your body and mind. It’s the only investment that will bring you infinite return on investment.” - Sent in by Andre, from Bucharest, Romania

Here’s what Jake and Charlie talked about in this episode:

• Knowing when to quit
• Dealing with exhaustion and anxiety
• Learning to play

Mentioned in This Episode

• Tim Ferriss 4 hour workweek, 4 hour body, 4 hour chef
• Play by Stuart Brown, M.D.
Play it Away by Charlie Hoehn

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We’re all so busy with life and commitments. It’s easy to forget that we need to play sometimes. Giving ourselves permission to play can change our lives by making us happier and giving us more energy.

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