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Today Jake is interviewing Todd Uterstaedt from the podcast Founder to CEO. Before getting into the interview Jake shares a personal story about his family trip to Chicago.

Update: June 25th and 26th seminar is moving forward in Milwakee

Todd is from New England but living in Cincinnati, Ohio. He recounts his story about how he had gotten into the military and was stationed in Fort Gordon. Later he found a job closer to his liking being able to help other people and finally him and a friend of his started their own executive coaching business.

Executive Coaching Business

Whenever Todd started the business he thought he was going to need a lot less money and a lot less time to be able to get the clients that he wanted. He remembers spending a nice chunk of money on an advertisement that brought in zero sales.

One of the biggest challenges clients come to him over is the feeling of loneliness. Many leaders think that they have to keep on a strong face and can’t show any weakness. The truth is that people are looking for leaders that are authentic.

Becoming a Better Leader

If you are looking to become a better leader, the first thing you need to do is bring out the leader that is already inside of you. This is much more important than listening to people that are supposed experts in leadership. One of the ways that you can find out more about yourself and more about the leader inside of you is by using the Birkman method. This can be found online and in the book written by Roger Birkman - True Colors

We must believe in the ability of others and we must understand that we learn and grow day by day.

The Difference Between Founders and CEOs

Founders are there to cast vision (and of course do fundraising!). CEOs are building people who can bring the product or service to the market.

It is important that we extend trust to other people and take things off our brain space.

People that can really build companies understand that they need to have an important mission that more people will come to you and support.

What a Self Reset Is to Todd

A self reset to Todd is getting comfortable with the next wave of change.

Here’s What Jake Talked About In This Episode

  • Finding the leader within you.
  • Growing a new company.
  • The difference between founders and ceos.

Mentioned In This Episode


The Birkman Method

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Todd Uterstaedt LinkedIN


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