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Today Jake is interviewing Josh Rivedal from the I’Mpossible Project which was inspired by Josh’s own need for help in the area of suicide prevention. He shares his powerful story about cutting off the cycle after both his father and grandfather took their own lives.

Before getting started, you know what we have to do! Come on. Even the ones that are reading this right now, get up off of your seat, put your hands in the air and scream…”I’M FREAAKKKINNNNGGG AWEEESOMMMEE!!” Yeah! Don’t you feel awesome now? Admit it!


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If you want to achieve your goals, you must challenge yourself and that is exactly what Joshua Rivedal has done with his amazing project.

Before getting started with this project Joshua had went to a very dark place. It seemed like everything in his life was going against him. Bad relationship with his mom, love of his life left him, just everything was looking DOWN! At this time he came so close to also taking his own life and keeping that cycle going but something stopped him from doing it

Now you can find Joshua on “Kicking My Blue Genes in the Butt” which was previously known as “The Gospel According to Josh”.

What Helped Joshua Get Through His Hard Time?

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, The Trevor Project and Eat, Pray, Love.

Besides for those things Joshua says that creativity was a great help to him during this time. He also looked at other people’s lives, what they overcame and turned around to be a service to others that were hurting.

Since one out of two people deal with depression, there are many people that can be helped and even if you yourself are depressed, you can help yourself by helping someone else and this is what Joshua is doing through the I’Mpossible Project. You can also find him performing “I’m Just a Straight White Guy Singing About Diversity”.

3 Steps to Get Out of The Bad Place

#1 - Acknowledge that you are human. We all make mistakes, we all go through hard times. That is ok. Be ok with that.

#2 - Connect with positive people. You are never going to elevate yourself by hanging with basement diggers. You need to find people that want to go up higher.

#3- Persistence. It is not going to happen overnight. If you fall down… don’t feel bad! Get back up again! Find space for the little wins and celebrate them!

Here’s What Jake Talked About In This Episode

  • Helping others
  • Getting creative
  • Being persistent
  • Challenging yourself

Mentioned In This Episode

I’Mpossible Project


The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

The Trevor Project

Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
Motivational speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Owner, and Life Coach.

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