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Today Jake is talking about your favorite topic! - YOU!

If you are thinking you are going to be happy once you achieve something. Once you reach a certain goal. Once you are at a certain weight. Once you each enough money. Whatever it might be, you have a big surprise coming because the truth is that oftentimes when we achieve our goals we become depressed! You heard me right! We get depressed!!! WHY?? Because we have nothing to push for. As humans we always have the desire to grow and if we are not growing them we are shrinking.

Jake tells the story about his venue search for his seminar in June 25th and 26th as well as an update about the SelfResetMastery.com group and next year’s registration. Go to SelfResetMastery.com to get in line for next year’s group.

Do Something Different

If we are continuing to do something the same way over and over and are hoping for a different result - do you think that we are going to be getting a different result? NO. 1 + 1 always = 2. What are some things you can do differently or make different?

Let’s look at style. You have to find your new style. How do you do things? What should people expect from you? Don’t freak out. You do not have to come up with your own style. You can actually copy people. Imagine that!! So many people do not do things because they are afraid they are going to be too much like someone else. There is nothing new under the sun.

If you start doing something different and do not change, don’t start to get discouraged! Remember that things happen over time. It is drip by drip! It doesn’t about turning on a water hose full force! You have to work on things slowly but surely. It is the compound effect!

Many times personal coaching clients expect magic to be worked. They expect a game plan to be given to them but that is not how it works. The coach can take you through the process but they cannot do the process for you. You must find the path and then walk the path through. Do not get into decision paralysis. The more choices that you have to make the less happy you are!

You can choose to be the victim or the creator. What is your choice? Create the life that you want!

Here’s What Jake Talked About In This Episode

  • Victim or creator?
  • Don’t wait to be happy!
  • Do something different!

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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
Motivational speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Owner, and Life Coach.

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