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Mission Belts

7 Tips from Nate Holzapfel, Mission Belts Co.


We can gain so much from talking to other people.   Here are Seven Tips that Nate Holzapfel shared during the OSR podcast 003.


(To hear the full podcast interview with Nate Holzapfel from Mission Belts Company, please click here.

 1. Be yourself, and you will find your core, your passion, and the true you.

-We try too hard to want to fit in with the group.  When you stop trying to be part of something and try instead to be something, you will find your true bliss.


2. Never make excuses, just take responsibility.

-We all have made mistakes, big or small, in our family, job, or in sports.  It is very easy to put the blame on someone else.  Stop pointing fingers and take responsibility.  People will respect and like you more once you take responsibility for yourself and your actions.


3. Time management is key to success.

-People who manage their time wisely win.  The people who don’t manage their time will not be successful.  Don’t waste time browsing YouTube, Facebook, or Sky Mall.  Stop and focus on creating security for you and your family.


4. Stop chasing it, and it will start chasing you.

-Stop chasing money, and money will roll in.  Stop being everyone’s friend, and you will have more friends than you know what to do with.  Stop trying to be the life of the party, and people will still want to talk to you.  Let go of all your wants. Once you do that, your wants will want you.


5. The path to finding yourself is simple but not easy.

-No one can tell you what you want, only you can determine that.  Ask the deeper questions, and try to find the deeper answers.


6. There are no million dollar ideas, only million dollar executions. (personal favorite of mine)

-Your idea is only as good as the amount of effort you put into it.  It’s the classic case of the more effort you put in, the more effort you get out.


7. De-junk you life, de-junk your mind, and de-junk your stuff.

-Remove things from your life that distract you.  Become super focused on whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.  Delete the nonsense.



  1. Kevin M. says:

    that was an awesome interview on the podcast
    I am 52 years old and have already reset my life once, at 25 it was easy, nothing to lose…..27 years later a house two kids a ton of things and responsibilities and it’s hard… VERY hard, life has beat me up good the last couple years and I have fallen way down, I am beginning to get some of my confidence back, my swagger back if you will, and that I think is going to make a difference, what ever happens, happens, I can not change anything but my self. I can change how I feel about what has happened to me and what will happen to me.
    So thank you for adding another tool for my tool box, I need all the help I can get right now in rebuilding my life. Keep up the Good work and the podcasts!

  2. OSR says:

    Kevin, Letting you know I just received the Mission Belts in the mail today. I will ship it out tomorrow. Thanks for your support! I hope you find value in the upcoming podcasts to help you Reset your life.

  3. Ryan Lawton says:

    Mission belts are awesome! I want one so bad! These are great tips and I wish everyone luck on their journey to success!!!

  4. maribell anderson says:

    Exelent inspiring message From Nate Hozapfel. Supporting Mission Belt Co. And Jake I want to enter in the Contest to win the Mission Belt! Hope it’s not too late

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