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7 Tips from Will Schroeder founder of Blue Sky Creamery

We can gain so much from talking to other people.   Here are Seven Tips that Will Schroeder shared during the OSR podcast 005: pt2

Listen to the interview: OSR podcast 005

1. Don’t tell me what I can and can not do.

-Will and T.J. were approached by many people and who told them that Blue Sky will not work.
*Both guys used this as motivation. Will said, “Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do.” You need to turn negative comments into drive and energy to get thing done.

2. Stay organized the way you know how.

-Will and T.J. used the Gantt chart to scheduling events, meetings, and keeping their timetable current. Both guys already knew how to use Gantt because they had used them in their engineering.
* Use what works for you to stay organized. Understanding your system of staying organized is a much simpler than learning a cool, new, complicated process. The best way to stay organized is to keep it simple.

3. Understand what works and what does not.

-Early on Blue Sky Ice Cream used three business models: ice cream store, retail locations, and a concession stand. A year after launch, Will and T.J. took time to analyze what was not working. The ice cream store and retail locations were not working out for them. They put their personal pride to the side and sidelined those two business models. *During your personal building of your life or business there will be times you need to reflect. Take time to see what is working and what is not. Don’t feel committed to certain ideas. Adjust and become better and streamline your process to success.

4. Trust your instinct; don’t ignore it.

-Will and T.J. had times when they did not feel confident in their decisions. When those feelings arose they explored why those feelings came about. They learned to never overlook their gut feelings. They used real justification measures to understand why they were doing certain things.
* In your daily life there will be times your gut feeling will make you want to stop your journey. When that happens, take a second and explore the reasoning. If you don’t and decide to look past the warning signs, then possibly prepare for disaster.

5. Don’t be a know-it-all; find a coach.

-Blue Sky Ice Cream had a board of advisors. They hired a lawyer, accountant, and a person with prior business experience.
*When you encounter new territories in life, seek assistance. Find the right person or tools to help you reach your goals. Streamline the learning curve towards success. It will be well worth the investment.

6. Consider people’s options even if you don’t want to listen.

-Early on Will and T.J. did not want to hear other people’s opinions. They felt they were the only ones that could come up with the ideas, path, and decisions. They soon learned to consider others’ options to help them make wise and healthy decision for Blue Sky Ice Cream.
* Too many times we think we know it all. Take time to listen to others; sometimes they might give you better insight to an answer you were trying to find. We can lean, realize, and uncover issues we might have overlooked without people’s opinions.

7. Enjoy what you are doing.

-Will and T.J. never wanted to take time off from the business because they loved it. They loved making a product that others enjoyed.
* Find what you love and you will never have to work another day in your life.


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