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Today Jake is talking with Matt Sacks from Disruptt.

Matt is from Toronto, but grew up in B.C. where he played a lot of sports. He achieved great things in sports and made it in the college sports arena but something was missing. From there he went into marketing and advertising and still he knew that was not where he belonged.

Before long he started doing leadership and workshops. He knew that he wanted to be able to shift the norm and talk about the issues that are normally swept under the rug. The ability to give new perspective is was he was looking for. The ability to increase awareness and make money while doing that.

Jake asked Matt to share his thoughts on how to share your passion and Matt said the only thing he could say was to try different things and see how it feels and not give up too easily! He also asked him how he would advise people to get out of their comfort zone. Matt shared that he believed you have to spend time around people that lift you up and push you to go forward and a self reset to Matt is growing and morphing into who you are becoming every day.

Here’s What Jake Talked About In This Episode

  • Having a bigger vision.
  • Bringing yourself to the next level.
  • Learning to grow into who you are.

Mentioned In This Episode


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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
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