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Operation Self Reset Episode 93: Goats and Goals With David Vox

In this episode, Jake is talking with David Vox, founder of Goaly.com, a website made of the top coaches around the world to help you enhance your life.

David grew up in a small village in Norway, with an alcoholic mother who dated a violent man. When he was very young, David was put into foster care, which wasn’t much better than the life he had come from. The family treated him terribly and he had no friends except goats. Even after being taken from that family, he still lived with a lot of fear and anxiety. He eventually moved to a family that was kind to him, but David was still so traumatized by everything that had happened to him before that he acted like a goat by head butting things whenever he got angry.

David could have spent his life blaming his childhood for ruining his life and leading him nowhere as an adult. But instead, David didn’t want to spend his life as a victim and going nowhere. In every place where he could act as a victim and focus on his pain, he realized that there were people in the world who had it worse than he did. He was angry about his childhood and that one family made him drink from the toilet—but then he thought about the people in the world who would love to have any water to drink. Thinking about life this way made David move past his own anger and pain to become appreciative and happy about the life he had.

Growing up, David had to have a psychologist twice in his life. As an adult, he realized how helpful it could be to have a coach to help with personal development and goals. Thinking back about his childhood and how his caring foster family helped him to prepare for changes by easing him into them, he realized that was what people needed: someone to help ease them into changes or encourage them to follow certain paths. David decided to try to offer that through his site Goaly.com by getting coaches to offer their advice and encouragement to viewers.

Listen in as David speaks about what led him to wanting to connect people with coaches that haven’t just read books, but have lived these same situations and have advice on how to move forward. David’s story and Goaly.com could lead you to the transformation you need in your own life.

Here’s what Jake and David talked about in this episode:

  • Life is all about perspective
  • Sharing our best coaching strategies with each other
  • “Strategies for doing”
  • Putting your trust into everything around you

Mentioned in this episode:

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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
Motivational speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Owner, and Life Coach.

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