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Live Your Own Life, Break From The Herd. How to Follow yourself

You need to have enough courage to break away from the herd-mentality thinking. Following the crowd and doing what everyone else doing is hands down the worst way to live your life.

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7 Real Reasons Why Splenda Is Bad For You

Sucralose, also known as Splenda, has made a huge jump in use in recent years. The stuffing of those little yellow packets can be found in everything from diet sodas, protein bars, and juice boxes.  People with diabetes and those wanting to dodge sugar and carbohydrates for other reasons go for the artificial sweetener.  I […]

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Get Jacked, and I Don’t Mean on Coffee

Do you feel worn out, do you feel tired?  Put down that gallon of coffee.  It does not matter who you are -teacher, entrepreneur, CEO, stay-at-home-mom, or dad - some days you just need to get jacked up for your day.   Here is a great video of Ray Lewis NFL linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. […]

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I want to be AWESOME, but how do I do it?

Do you hate your Average life? Be AWESOME! Say it with me: “I AM AWESOME!”

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