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Bring in the Haz-Mat team

Sucralose, also known as Splenda, has made a huge jump in use in recent years. The stuffing of those little yellow packets can be found in everything from diet sodas, protein bars, and juice boxes.  People with diabetes and those wanting to dodge sugar and carbohydrates for other reasons go for the artificial sweetener.  I have found seven reasons why you need to ditch the yellow and go for the brown sugar packets.
1. Artificial sweeteners are notorious for causing laxative effects such as bloating. It might be because of the bacteria in our gut metabolize certain components of Splenda and produces a fun byproduct, nitrogen gas.  Make sure you pull your gas mask out of your bug-out bag.
2. The excess of “stuff” sitting in the gut causes osmosis to kick in, by bringing water into the colon, sometimes potentially causing some unpleasant diarrhea.  I am sliding into third and feel a big turd diarrhea diarrhea.  I had to add that.
3. One of the major deterrents to adding sucralose into more products is cost. The increasing rate for sucralose is significantly greater than that of sugar. Average people can not afford it always.  If you can’t afford the natural product, then save your money all together and don’t but it.
4. Low calorie sweeteners like sucralose have been linked to food cravings and weight gain in a few number of studies.  Low calorie sweeteners trick the brain in thinking that you are eating food with real sugar.  The body tries to search for that real sugar and finds nothing.  When you body finds no real sugar it will trigger cravings to get you to eat something sweet.
5. Sucralose might be a trigger for migraine headaches. Taking the artificial sweetener can cause the onset of intense headaches in some individuals.
6. Muscle aches, swelling, numbness, dizziness, and stomach pain are some side effects reported by people who have ingested sucralose.
7. Some other possible negative effects are panic-like agitation, bladder issues and intestinal cramping. Each and every of these maladies were reported by people who are sensitive or allergic to the artificial sweetener.

There are some other harmful effects, the product have, which we cannot overlook.

• Self-reported adverse reactions to Splenda collected by the Sucralose Toxicity Information Center include panic-like agitation, skin rashes/flushing, dizziness and numbness, swelling and intestinal cramping.
• One thing is certain that some of the chemicals that comprise artificial sweeteners are known hazards. So the degree to which you experience side effects just depends on your individual biochemistry. The manufacturers are banking on the fact that our bodies won’t absorb very much of these compounds at any one time.
• Therefore I urge you to be concerned about the potential dangers of Splenda as with any unnatural substance you put in your body. Moreover, I am especially concerned about its use for children, that I recommend you to avoid. However unlike many holistic practitioners.
• Splenda, in addition giving you the runs, is extremely hard to bake with. Artificial sweeteners would probably have similar issues to splenda, although I’ve never tried them outside of sweetening tea.
• The various artificial sweeteners and stevia can in general not be used to feed yeast or produce caramel. Many are much sweeter than sugar. Yet, they are controversial in regards to health effects, although then so is sugar.
• Raw sugars have very different flavor profiles, such as dark muscovado sugar often imparts a licorice note.
• Splenda is made from sugar and the most similar functionally, even though it’s not alike. Xylitol is natural but has a cooling aftertaste that doesn’t work well in many dishes.
• Glucose sugar can be used for confectionary making as it does not cause crystallization as you will find occurs if you use normal cane sugar.
Therefore I encourage you to nourish yourself from the inside out, by taking healthy food, good self-care and healthy relationships. In everybody’s life there is bound to have some bitterness but the secret is to restore enough balance to delight in the sweet.

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