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Episode 149: Thriving beyond with Vidal Cisneros Jr. 

Today’s show is meant to put your life into perspective like nothing else. Jake brought a close friend with an amazing and touching story to share with you golden nuggets of wisdom.

His name is Vidal Cisneros Jr, a road construction site manager turned coach, speaker, writer and published author. The roller coaster road he’s been on is nothing less than super inspiring and Vidal so wholeheartedly shares the good and the ugly of his journey from tragedy to triumph to help ignite your purpose.  An inmate turned purpose coach, how’s that for a powerful comeback?

Listen to this interview to find the whole stoty: http://operationselfreset.com/149-thriving-beyond/

Here’s what’s been covered in this awesome episode

  • Put a deadline on your dream as Vidal did when he promised himself he would not be a construction site manager in a year.
  • Don’t be afraid to hire professional help when you need it. Yes, do your due dilligence as a good coach is not cheap, but take that leap of faith and just roll with it.
  • The major benefit of coaching is the mindset shift!
  • We are not physical beings with a spirit, but spiritual beings with a body!
  • Do not neglect your family even if you feel like you have to focus on your business and personal development!
  • Bless those who harm you: it will change you from inside out and lift you up from the rock bottom!
  • Wreckless driving and social drinking can be broken away from.
  • Praying and fasting are so powerfull when you need to break from a vice!
  • Community does have power within it. Join communities like AA, Rotary clubs, Toastmasters, success meetups. Life coaches can also connect you with a lot of people and professionals.
  • It takes time to unpack your purpose. But once you find it, chase it like crazy.


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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
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