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Episode 150: High performance tips with Jarrod Warren

Today’s show is an interview with the awesome podcaster Jarrod Warren of Success 101 Podcast. Amazingly, Jake’s show is the first one that Jarrod stumbled upon online while searching for some sleep related stuff. And here they are, at an open mic night, sharing casual ideas around podcasting, business, and personal development.

Here’s what’s been covered in this awesome episode

  • Invest time in listening to podcasts and audio books.
  • Create a morning routine. Do what works for you, but keep to it!
  • Here is what Jarrod does to keep him productive: apple cider vinegar in the morning and then vitamins on an empty stomach, probiotics, clean eating and using a stand up desk.
  • We need to engage more with the front part of our brains and less with the middle part of the brain.
  • Sleep is important. If you do not get enough sleep, your brain will erode itself and start shrinking.
  • Sleep deprivation will leak into other areas of your life and will negatively impact the kind of person you are.
  • Use technology to help you with your sleep tracking.
  • Use delta waves for better sleep.
  • Avoid light during before and during sleep time. Even a small LED light will influence the quality of your sleep. Did you know that skin can detect light, not just your eyes?
  • Pay attention with who you associate yourself with! Your relationships will impact everything, including your sleep!
  • Believe in yourself, even if there is not (yet) a big accomplishment to credit you for!
  • Speak out your affirmations! You anyway talk to yourself, and its usually negative talk. So intentionally decide to talk to yourself in a positive way through your affirmations!
  • Define what success means to you! Don’t chase what success means to others!
  • Change will not come overnight! There is not a success button, so be in the race for the long term and gradually incorporate what you need to do to change in your daily life!

Mentioned in this episode:

Success 101 Podcast – https://goo.gl/CQ4ccM




@jarredswarren on snapchat

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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
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