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Operation Self Reset Episode 108: Soulmate Lover with Mali and Joe

In this episode, Jake is talking with relationship experts Mali and Joe about rekindling the romance.

Mali and Joe have been together for about four years and have a relationship that they describe as magical. Mali has been a book editor for years and she decided that they should write a book about why their relationship has worked so well to help others reach that same place in their own romances.

So what is it that makes Mali and Joe’s relationship so great? They realized that even after a few years together, they’d never had an argument—not even a harsh word between them. They had both been through bumpy relationships in the past that just didn’t click. When she was ready to date again, Mali couldn’t use typical dating sites because they require you to define what it is you’re looking for in a mate and she was open to anything the universe wanted to give her. So she turned to Craigslist instead. Joe also was open to any type of relationship and had posted an ad on Craigslist in search of a relationship. It was this ad that Mali came across in her search and the openness in his ad drew her in.

So many people that reach out to Jake are trying to change themselves, but are in a relationship with someone who is kind of a dud. As Mali reminds us, we can’t force someone else to change. The only way to change someone else is to change yourself. The changes you make in yourself will spread to that other person. It may not happen right away, but hold true to the person you want to be and the relationship you want to have and you can make that connection. When you change your mindset, you make yourself happier and then make your relationship more magical.

Listen in as Mali and Joe talk about how to work your way toward that magic.

Here’s what Jake, Mali, and Joe talked about in this episode:

  • Look for someone ready to explore
  • When we change, the relationship changes
  • Making shifts to find the answers
  • Connecting through your passions
  • Transforming jealousy
  • Healing after divorce

Mentioned in this episode:

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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
Motivational speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Owner, and Life Coach.

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