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Operation Self Reset Episode 35: The Art of Charm

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm.

The Art of Charm has this philosophy: “If you want to get the girl you like, then you need to become a better man.” That’s what Jordan and his friend AJ want to do, turn guys into better men. You are a product of your knowledge. The way you act around others in any situation, dating or networking, depends on whether you know how to be confident and outgoing. Jordan was like the average guy, a little intimidated in certain situations and unsure how to project confidence. He decided to learn networking skills by studying how other people did it. This meant befriending outgoing guys that other people enjoyed being around and watching their behavior carefully. Through this studying, Jordan figured out how to work networking events to his advantage. Most people think of networking as, “What can you do for me?” Jordan approaches the situation with the mindset of, “What can I do for you that might help me later?” If he meets someone who doesn’t offer services that he can use now, he takes advantage of the opportunity to introduce them to others who have something they need. This raises Jordan’s standing in their minds and strengthens his connections with other people. Later on, when that person has something Jordan can use, his name will be the first one that pops into their head just because he helped them.

When you hook someone up with something they need or haven’t been able to get on their own, they become eternally grateful. Jordan and his friend AJ realized this when they started introducing guys they knew to girls they were hanging out with. It became like a game, seeing how much they could help people get things they were too timid to get on their own or didn’t know where to start. The whole business of The Art of Charm was founded on this idea of helping other people. The more you put out into the universe, the more you get back in return.

So how does The Art of Charm help guys? It breaks down their habits and behaviors in social situations to examine them and show them how to improve. Jordan and AJ teach guys how to have charisma and confidence in even stressful situations. Why would a funny, laid back guy need coaching to be charismatic? Even the people who are the best at what they do—professional athletes, A-list celebrities—have coaches. They have an entire team of people who help them be the best they can be and teach them how to do what they do. Why wouldn’t that same strategy work for the rest of us? And it’s not just about dating and meeting women. The skills Jordan and AJ teach can be applied to work, friendship, and more.

Featured Quote of the Day

[quote]”It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself” - Muhammad Ali.[/quote]

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Here’s what Jake and Jordan talked about in this episode:
• How to move from an introvert to extrovert
• Helping yourself by helping others
• The process of bringing out charisma in any guy

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The Art of Charm

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Staying in the back unnoticed by everyone won’t help you get far in life. If you want to meet the person of your dreams, get the job you always wanted, and become a success, you need to speak out and know how to get attention the right way. Learn to have confidence in any situation and you’ll be that better person you’ve always wanted to become.

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