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Jake recently spoke at a networking event targeted at career-challenged people. Some older people in the crowd refused to take part in his secret sauce (the I AM FREAKING AWESOME shout). But Instead of feeling rejected, Jake makes us aware that our big EGOS and our FEELINGS so often stand in the way of our personal development. If we are obsessed by our development and by where we need to get, we will push these two stumbling blocks aside and pursue our dream.

Here’s what’s been covered in a nutshell:

  • “Obsession isn’t a disease, it’s a gift” – Grant Cardone.
  • We need to become obsessed by our own mission.
  • Determination, preparation and commitment will help with you becoming positively obsessed.
  • It’s ok to be a Jack of all trades, but make sure that you still have the inner strength to rely on yourself when you lack a skill-set.
  • A cluttered mind will not allow yourself to shine.
  • When you are put on the spot, ignore the crowd watching you or wanting you to fail and rely on all the experience you have accumulated, rely on your abilities, expertise, on who you are, because you have this!
  • Amateurs need inspiration, professionals just do it.
  • Keep your head down and put your foot in front of the other whenever you need to handle pain and pain comes from eating healthy, changing a habit, waking up early, hanging around other friends, reading instead of watching TV, etc.
  • Pain gets in the way between where we are and where we need to get. Get over it!

Resources mentioned in the episode:

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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
Motivational speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Owner, and Life Coach.

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