Letting Yourself Fail

When Jake invited me to write about my experiences in my own self reset, I wasn’t sure at first what to write about. I’ve been through […]

What can the band KISS teach you about your dreams and life.

  You may or may not know KISS, the band. If you don’t know, they are the band that would wear 6-inch heels, paint their faces, […]

setting goals, Why you are not setting goals; 4 reasons

Goal setting is something we have been told to do and taught since we were young kids. Perhaps you think that the goal setting term is […]

the power of positive thinking, 6 Easy Steps

6 Steps to the Power of Positive Thinking If there is one thing I’d like for you to never forget is that if you could really […]

2014 OSR Reader / Listiner Survey: Win one of 7 FREE GIFTS

Would you please take a few minutes to fill out the survey? By doing so, you will ultimately be helping yourself. Why? Because you will be […]