osrpodcast91Operation Self Reset Episode 91: Do the Hustle! From Pursecase to Melrose PR Kelley Weaver

In this episode, Jake is talking with Kelley Weaver, founder of Melrose PR and creator of Pursecase.

Kelley started her public relations company, Melrose, in 2012 after doing PR for a while. Working in PR, Kelley is always on the go and always juggling things. After finding herself constantly dropping her phone or leaving it somewhere, she realized that she desperately needed a case that would hold her phone, credit cards, and money. She found a phone case from overseas that had a handle, but it didn’t have a pocket for credit cards and money. After talking about her wishes for a case like that to several friends, one of them encouraged her to make it before someone else did. Kelley pitched her idea on Shark Tank and went on to make the product, Pursecase, and it became a hit.

Kelley now runs both her PR firm and the Pursecase company. Her passion lies in marketing, and so she’s had to find balance in running both companies. It’s been hard at times to find that balance and Kelley has learned a lot along the way. The partner she started Pursecase with decided to move on from the company and so in the midst of that, Kelley had to learn how to handle losing a business partner as well as a friend.

Listen in as Kelley tells us how she moved forward with her dreams, found balance, and dealt with the unexpected changes along the way.

Here’s what Jake and Kelley talked about in this episode:

  • Finding reassurance through a sounding board
  • Dealing with the big shift
  • Think through all the parts of the business before you start
  • Reaching out to mentors and business connections

Mentioned in this episode:

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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
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