If your human you probably some way some how get paid for doing something. The question I have for you is where does all your money go? I know some of your money is spent paying your house, car, rent, food, utilities, entertainment, studiet loans, and depending on who you are maybe you buy yourself a delicious starbucks coffee each morning. To be honest it doesn’t really matter what you do with your money but it does depend on where it goes to help you get rich. Many of us are want to know how we can get really rich in any market but the truth is what do we need to spend our money on to get really rich?

You should know that to become rich you need to invest your money. Investing your money to become really rich is a great start but where should you put it. I did a quick Google search of investment ideas and here are a few of the top ones. I am not a finical advisor but do your own research if one of these sparks your interest.

Mutual Funds
Dividend Paying Stock
Index funds
Peer to Peer lending
Seed Money for start up business
Roth IRA
Money Market Fund

The list goes on and on. Like you I am always looking for the quick buck I invested in Bitcoin when it was too late. I bought in when it was around $8900. It went all the way up to 20,000 but I didn’t sell I thought it would break 50,000. Just my luck along with others it came crashing down. But that investment was one of the dumbest investments I have ever made. I have no idea what Bitcoin really is but yet I threw money at it.

Its kind of funny that millions of people will risk their hard eared money for something they don’t really understand but yet that seems like the new normal. Whats not normal is taking all of your risky non educated investments and putting it into yourself. Not to many on social media are posting that they are going on a week long spiritual retreat or a retreat to save their marriage. They would rather show the perfect life that they wish they had.

I came across a quote from Jim John that sparked the idea of this post and he said this, “Learn to Work Harder on yourself than your job.” That was an eye opener! It made me think of all the areas I suck at in my life but yet choose not to improve. As I type this I do a pretty good job at most things in my life. The problem is that good is standing int he way of great or excellent. I have a family, wife, career, side hustle, realestate, and a dog but yet if you were to compair them to an amazing life, I would rate myself as sucking. Yes sucking is low, deep, and even well distorting but its the truth. Why the hell do we live to be good. We can do more be more but yet we love to just be good. Good enough, good health, good relationship, good kids, good friends, and yet my life is a sweet color of grey goodness.

Most of us live in a wold of grey goodness. Sherwin williams should come out with that color, your welcome CEO of sherwin williams. How do we get out of the grey and into the bright well it starts by understanding what we suck at. For me I have a podcast and its good but to be great I need to do a better job of marketing. Marketing is the one thing I am not even good at I suck at it. How do I get good at marketing? I read the best books on it, I attend live seminars like clickfunnles or marketing semainar held by seth Godin. Its not a matter of me or you getting stuck in a land of good its a matter of us wanting to put in two words on a regular basis that can alter and change our world.

These two words are work and action. Yep, two words we see, read, use, and tell ourselves to love but yet we hate them. Its like a cute dog you want to pet but yet it keeps biting us. After a while you hate the dog no matter how cute he or she is. The only way to love work and action is to be horrible. When your horrible or your health is horrible you will do anything for any price to get it back to good. Its not a matter of should or could its a must. When you must become better you seek out the best books, best coaches, best doctors, or the best resources to get out of horrible and into good. When we get back into good we stop climbing. We just hang out nothing really pushing us forward or holding us back.

The only time we move is when we must. How do we create this feeling of must when we are living in the good. You need to pull back the curtains of your life. Look at all the disciplines of your health, relationships, finances, spiritual, belief and from their analysis what you suck at. Really look with a clear vision without achoal or caffein just you reflecting. When your eyes get clear you will see the light from the lighthouse piercing through the fog. When you see the light you know its only a matter of time before you ship crashes into the jagged rocks.

To get really rich in any market you need to invest in yourself. You need to create a feeling of must before its too late. When the market is up and you have investing in yourself overt the years you will be flying high. If the market is down and you have been invesytion in yourself you will be the guy or girl everyone will be look up too.

Be your best do your best and perform like your best will change you life because sooner or later you will be right

Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
Motivational speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Owner, and Life Coach.

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