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Episode 136: Law of Attraction

Jake is a little pumped up in this episode as he is having a cold brew Starbucks coffee. This is so unusual as he does not drink coffee. He starts the episode with reviewing the one-star review his show just received in iTunes.

Law of Attraction is both a sexy and an irritating phrase in the same time. It’s sexy because it is so appealing to think about something and expect to get it, but it does not work for many because they do not do anything else besides thinking about the thing they want! For the law of attraction to work, you need to work toward your goals! When Jake was in his early twenties, he had set for himself the goal of earning 100.000 dollars. He did just what Jim Carrey had done: he wrote a check for that amount. But, unlike Jim Carrey, he did not earn that amount by the date he had set. But it was not a disheartening day. Jake learned his lesson: that he needed to take action towards his goal.

But now, at a different stage in life, he knows the secret success formula:

  • know what you want
  • just freaking start
  • reflect on what works and what does not
  • change the attack until you reach what you want.

Basically, the law of attraction requires you to think about what you want and constantly taking action towards achieving what you want! And many times, taking action means changing the attack.

But change is so difficult to achieve as we are so comfortable with the status-quo! Still, change can be achieved when there is pain! If you think of situations in your life that made you take major action, you will notice these were times when you were in pain. Alternatively, change can be achieved if you are after a bigger bliss. You need one of these motivating factors, pain or bliss, to get you out of your comfort zone. You need either pain or bliss to help you change the status-quo!

You need to figure out what that bliss is for you!

The steps for making the law of attraction work for you are

- you are comfortable, but you want to change

- to get you out of that comfort zone, find the bliss you aim to

- set up a vision board or a story reset. A story reset is a paragraph that defines what you currently want in your life. It is desinged in such a way that it pulls you out of bed every morning, and you need to read it every evening and every morning to remind you of where you want to be in the future.

Here’s what Jake said, in a nutshell:

  • The law of attraction, if used correctly – as a tool - can help you achieve anything you want in your own personal life. When in pain, you can use that pain to get you going towards what you want to achieve. If you are comfortable, chances are you are not motivated enough to change the status-quo. Instead of inflicting pain on you, the better alternative is to find a bliss to use as a motivation.
  • Once you find that bliss, set up a vision board that you see day in, day out.
  • Then, write your story reset: what does your ideal life look life, how will those around you benefit from you living your ideal life.
  • The meat and the potatoes is taking action.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • http://www.selfresetmastery.com/
  • Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill
  • As a man thinketh by James Allen
  • http://www.resetgift.com/

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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
Motivational speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Owner, and Life Coach.

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