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Operation Self Reset Episode 113: Firewalking Fireman

Today Jake is talking about his experience fire walking.

Recently, Jake was in the mountains of California, in a little town called Twain Heart. It’s about three and a half hours outside of San Francisco. There lives a man named Tolly Burkin. Tolly brought fire walking to the mainstream public back in the 1970s.

Back then, fire walking was considered to be something only crazy people did. It had been around for thousands of years and was performed by different tribes in the Caribbean. It was mostly used to determine the guilt of suspected criminals within those tribes. If they didn’t burn their feet when they walked across the fire, it was believed that the gods protected the people because they were innocent.

As a young man, Tolly enjoyed magic tricks and had turned it into a mini-career. He went to a magician’s conference one year and met a magician who performed on magic. Tolly thought that there must be some kind of magic involved in walking on the fire without getting severely burned. He studied fire walking, trying to determine what that magic was. But later, when Tolly’s girlfriend walked across hot coals during a camp out with friends, he realized that there was no magic, just belief in the moment.

We often think things are more complex than they actually are. We have things that hold us back because we think they’re challenging, but in actuality they’re really easy.

Before he had attempted it, Jake didn’t think fire walking was all that challenging or life changing. He is a fire fighter and so he’s around fire all the time. But the first time he walked across hot coals, he found his perspective changing. He realized he didn’t have his protective equipment and he was risk serious injury. As he got closer to the fire, Jake felt the challenge pulling at him.

Listen in as Jake describes his experience in fire walking and how you can use the things he learned to face the own challenges in your life.

Here’s what Jake talked about in this episode:

  • Let it be easy.
  • We remember things through experiences
  • Things we think too difficult can be easy and life changing
  • Make it yours
  • Pay attention. Be in the moment.

Mentioned in this episode:

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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
Motivational speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Owner, and Life Coach.

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