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Episode 145: Does fire-walking give you the burn?


Jake is recording episode 145 from an unusual place - his parents’ dinning room. His main computer is in his new house and his family is in the middle of a move, so no chance of using it!

In the middle of September, Jake will have a fire walk during his Self Reset Power Event! Its backed up by a 100% money back guarantee in case you do not feel you got any value from it!

Come and enjoy the fire walking experience! What happened at the recent Tony Robbins similar event is no indication of what will happen to you!

Here’s what Jake said, in a nutshell:

Your believes are stronger than facts!

People dwell on believes like: “Money is evil”, “Gluten is bad for you”, “TV is better than reading”. The good side about that is that your believes help you stay true to yourself! The bad side is that it does not allow us to open our eyes to the “what ifs”, to seeing things from others’ perspective.

But some believes we hold have been ruining our lives for years. This is true for believes like:

  • “I can not change, I was raised this way”
  • “It runs in my genes.”
  • “That’s part of our family culture!”

Yet, our believes are not set in stone, we can change them! This usually happens when we hit the lows in our lives and mostly through physical experiences!

And fire walking is one of those physical experiences that can shatter your key believes!


 When watched, people alter their behavior!

They act differently than they would if they were alone!

A lot of us are watched often and for long periods of time, that we eventually forget who we really are!

We need to look at believes we held in the past and challenge them! Because they still accompany us, even if we do not realize that!

What is it that you are not educating yourself on when you should!

What fears you had as a kid and you did not challenge, but you should have?

A lot of people do not have the internal strength to recover from past failures. When this happens to you, think about getting coaching and any short term energy and enthusiasm boosters!  You need that fuel every once in a while; nothing external will give you a permanent elevated state, you need to work on yourself, too!


The power of purpose!

A lot of us are doing things we enjoy, and live in nice houses and drive amazing cars! But we have nothing else! We need to find that bigger picture perspective, the overall general purpose that encompasses the whole of your life!


Mentioned in this episode:

  • http://www.selfresetpower.com/


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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
Motivational speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Owner, and Life Coach.

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