Episode 30: Your Self Improvement in 2014


In this episode Jake reviews the year 2013, including the launch of Operation Self Reset, and discusses getting over self-doubt and a lack of motivation.  After talking about his own personal experiences, Jake goes on to outline four key tips for making 2014 the best year possible.


Losing steam?


It’s always important to remember that the only person who is holding you back is yourself.  This applies to everything: diet, job, personal goals, relationships, anything and everything.  That is the very reason we are starting the reset revolution, but even Jake at OSR has had his difficulties!


In 2013, Jake launched the podcast Operation Self Reset, and was filled with the initial excitement of pursuing his dream of becoming a motivational speaker.  This was further fueled by public interest in July, when he interviewed a Navy Seal for the podcast.  Despite this initial momentum, by the time autumn rolled around Jake was feeling pulled in other directions, both from his job and at home.  He began to lose steam and passion for the podcast, and ultimately felt stuck in a rut.


Why is this important for listeners?  Because it’s important to realize that this happens to everybody!  Even a motivational speaker has ups and downs, and can experience doubt or a lack of confidence.  Ultimately Jake realized he was doing this podcast for his audience, not for himself, and that realization helped push him forward.


It’s important not to let the low moments get you down.  The key is to find out what the problem is, and to find a way to solve it.  As we all know, new year’s resolutions come and go.  At the recording of this podcast, it’s been only 13 days since the new year and some people may already be falling from the wagon.  But that’s okay!  Here are Jake’s tips to make 2014 your best year possible, and make sure to listen to the podcast for more details on each tip.


Tips to make 2014 the best year possible.


1. Love yourself.

When you truly love yourself, you’ll be able to see positive change.


2. Take your values to the next level.

What are your values?  Take them to the next level.  If you value your body or your mind, give them the proper nourishment to improve.  If you value your family, start talking and listening to them more.


 3. Change your thoughts and beliefs. 

Once you start changing your thoughts, your beliefs will start to change.  And once your beliefs start to change, your words are going to change. You’re going to change “I never” to “I will.” And your actions will also change!  You’ll start smiling more.  And those actions will lead to habits, and then you’re really going to see a change in outcome.  You’ll be tackling things on your bucket list that you never thought you would!


4. Change your approach.

Success leaves breadcrumbs.  There is no magic formula or easy button.  Identify the things that worked for someone else, and apply that to your own life.  If you want to change, you need to change your approach.  Find the people that inspire you.  Also, surround yourself with successful people, whether they lost the weight you want to lose, or handled their debt, etc. Surround yourself with people who did what you aim to do.


Today’s topic for inspiration is: You are worthy.


You are worthy and capable of achieving whatever you want in your life.  The only thing holding you back is yourself.  Believe in yourself.  If you want to open a bakery, you are worthy.  If you want to start a painting business, you are worthy.  Anything you want to do, know that you are capable of doing it, and you are worthy of that success.  Worthiness is within all of us.


Before you go…


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