Missing Link of Goal Achievement is Hope

Getting ready for the year 2018 is a great challenge because change and reset for personal development requires HOPE.  There are many things we can choose to focus on, such as: motivation, changing our habits, implanting the GRP plan, but beyond all these, we need HOPE, the hope that our plan can and will happen.  

Here’s What’s Been Covered in a Nutshell

The hope that we need to accomplish our goals is also defined by the way in which we define and approach the following:

  1. Why do we need goals?  People that set goals are happier, more focused and more involved in their daily lives.  We are goal oriented people because we were made to create and accomplish our goals.  
  2. Start replacing the “could”, “would” and “should” with “want”, “need”, “must”  because wording is key to achievement.
  3. Stay faithful to your plan.
  4. Write down your goals on a daily basis.  Remind yourself about the end result.  Surround your home with reminders.  

Hope comes when we remind ourselves of our goals irrespective of the barriers we encounter along the way.  Hope is more than willpower, habits and establishing what you want, it’s the daily discipline of reminding yourself of your goals in order to create sustainability for the long run.  


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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
Motivational speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Owner, and Life Coach.

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