MasterClass All Access 2024 – Working Coupon & Discount Codes

If you want to learn creative skills from popular industry experts, there is nothing better than MasterClass. Even though there is no doubt about the quality of education it provides, MasterClass is still pretty expensive. 

This is a primary constraint for many people, so people always ask if there is any discount on MasterClass All Access. Do they offer any coupons? 

I’ll discuss MasterClass pricing and discounts and how you can claim them here. Keep reading to know the same. 

Is MasterClass All Access Available For Free in 2024? 

People commonly query whether MasterClass All Access is free like some other online learning platforms. 

A masterClass is not free. It’s a paid platform, and you can’t access any material without signing up for their paid plans. MasterClass also does not provide any free trial because it’s a premium learning platform, and they are sure about the quality of their courses and the results they can bring. 

Is There Any Discount Available For MasterClass All Access? 

Unlike other online learning platforms, MasterClass hardly provides discounts and coupons. Because of the quality of their courses, they always keep the prices the same. 

However, there are ways you can get the plans at a discounted price. Masterclass has three types of subscriptions- Individual, Duo, and Family. 

The Duo plan allows two devices, and the family plan allows six devices to stream simultaneously. You can divide the cost by sharing the plans with friends, colleagues, or family. 

If you do so, you can get the Duo plan for around $6 per month and the Family plan for $4 per month. That is quite cheaper right? 

MasterClass offers some of the best deals during the holiday season, especially during the Black Friday sale or Cyber Monday sale. 

MasterClass generally runs one of their biggest offers, a Two-for-One deal, during this time. With this offer, you can buy one membership and get another for free. 

If you are a business owner and want to buy MasterClass All-Access for your employees, there is a hack to get it at a discounted price. 

MasterClass offers business discounts, but it does not post about such discounts on its site. To avail of the offer, you should reach out to it directly. 

MasterClass gives businesses a 5% to 35% discount on regular prices. The discount percentage varies depending on the group size, and to get the discount, you need to contact them directly via email. 

You can also follow MasterClass’s social media accounts to keep updated about their discounts and coupons. 

What Is The Standard Price Plan For MasterClass All Access? 

There are three paid plan choices for MasterClass All Access, and they are as follows- 

MasterClass All-Access Annual Plan Prices 

1 Account, 1 Device 
1 Account, 2 Devices
1 Account, 6 Devices
MasterClass Pricing Plan

MasterClass has a 30-Day refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the classes, or if you feel the courses are unsuitable for your learning pattern, you can claim a refund.  

Please note that the Duo & the Family plan doesn’t offer you any additional resources. But the Individual plan does not allow you to download the courses, while the Duo & The Family plan does. 

Does MasterClass Offer Separate Discounts For Special Citizens? 

No MasterClass offers no separate discount for special citizens like students or front-line workers. Its prices are the same for everyone. 

How To Get The MAsterClass All Access Plan? 

Here is how you can get the MasterClass All Access plan- 

  • Go to the MasterClass website by clicking here. 
  • Now, click on the login tab at the top right corner. 
Click Login
  • You can create a MasterClass by signing up or if you have an account already, click on sign in. 
Create Account
  • Next, select your MasterClass plan and pay the amount by entering your credit card details. 

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I hope this MasterClass All Access coupon guide was informative. The masterClass is one of those premium learning sites that don’t believe in discounts or coupons. They are very confident about the quality of their courses hence they don’t compromise on the prices either.

However, you can get some discounts using some tricks as mentioned above and buying the subscription during a special time of the year.  


How many plans does the masterclass have?

The masterclass have three plans which includes Individual, Duo, and Family.

Is there any way to get the masterclass plan at discount price?

You have to purchase a duo plan and stream it with your friends or family. This way you can get the plan at discount price.

Where to watch masterclass?

You can watch it on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku streaming media player including you smartphone or personal divices.

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