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How to become a 10?

That is the real question. In our lives we feel like we are selling ourselves short of success, right. If you feel the void, you personally know you have greatness within, or you just strive to be a perfect 10 this could be your answer.

Money is not the answer toward your self-worth. Money makes the world go around but it does not fill a personal void. So stop reaching for more money it will get you no where.

I remember like it was yesterday a feeling that came on my 26th birthday. I woke up feeling sick to my stomach. I was depressed, and I felt like something was missing. But what? I had a great life, good job, loving family, a dog to die for, and a girlfriend that would become my wife.

I figured I had to search for the answer.

I went on a self-discovery journey. I read every book, listened to speakers, went to meet-ups, and tried new things. The list goes on and on.

I gathered the tools necessary to help me find what I was searching for. At first I didn’t see or find the answer. I was still feeling like there was a huge void in my life.

The answer I was looking for came to me one and a half years after I took my self-discovery journey. The answer was hard to figure out and hard to understand at first.

My rental properties were getting foreclosed on and my wife got pregnant just a few months later. I was at my personal all-time low. I was so sad, depressed, and mad that I hated life. But I reflected on my life and recalled the self-discovery journey I had gone on a year earlier. Then it hit me. All the knowledge, tips, tools, and ideas I learned helped me gain the confidence to reach out and help others like myself. They all didn’t have the exact same situation as mine of going through foreclosure and starting a family, but they had similar feelings of depression and uncertainty.

I wanted to help people transform their lives by providing tools, tips, stories, and guidance that helped me when I was struggling for answers. When I started Operation Self Reset everything came together for me. When I reflect that is how I became a 10 in my own life.

So how do you find something to fill that void within your own life? I am not saying you should start a website and podcast. But the answer is out there; you just need to find it.

Here are a few steps you need to take to find what you are looking for. Once you take these steps, the motivation will come naturally. How to become a 10 will seem easier than you thought.

1. You need to shake up your life. Perhaps you don’t feel like you need to change. Maybe you are content in your life. The only way to find the answer is to change what is going on around you. Do what I did. Try everything. Go to meetup.com to find a group that interests you and go and meet like-minded people. Try different activities and if you don’t know how, seek help. Do anything you can to shake up your life. Doing what you are doing right now is not helping. So to uncover the answer, you need to search for it.

2. Give and you shall receive. If you feel you are lacking any emotion in your life, give it out. Once you start handing your emotions to people, they will begin handing them back to you. Think positive 51% of the time and you will live a positive life. With positivity comes a new outlook on life. Give it a try.

3. The answer you are looking for might appear at your lowest moment. It’s tough to find the positive out of a dark time in your life, but that could be your own personal turning point. That is when I found mine. Don’t seek out horrible experiences just to try to find the answers. But if bad things do pop up, try to find the good within the bad.

Those are 3 tips to help you transform your life. This will not happen overnight. You will have to keep on trucking along for the changes to come.

The key is not to ask for the answer. If you do, it will never come. For example, if you crave love, love will turn away from you. Live for the moment, enjoy every second of life, and just remember that the answer will come when you are ready to receive it.

I know you have a personal story on how you became a 10.  Share it!  This is all about helping one another, these tips helped me what has helped you?  Leave your quick tip below!

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