Operation Self Reset Episode 44: Find Your Clarity With Author Jamie Smart


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Jamie Smart, author of the book Clarity: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results.


Jamie grew up in Canada, but moved to the United Kingdom in his twenties. He started work doing project management, but started to feel that it wasn’t what he really wanted to do. A personal development course led him into quitting his job and taking a leap into personal coaching.


Jamie had a lot of success in his work, but inside he wasn’t feeling successful. He hired a personal coach for himself to help him realize that he was trying to find outside things to give him the satisfaction that could only come from inside himself.


People often believe that they need outside situations to feel good about their lives. For example, so many people say, “I’ll feel more secure when I get more money in the bank” or “I’ll be happier when I meet Mr. Right.” But feelings of security and happiness come from inside us, not from outside situations we don’t always have control over. Once we realize this, we can change our lives toward the better present and future we’re looking for. In today’s episode, Jamie gives us advice to help lead us toward clarity.


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Here’s what Jake and Jamie talked about in this episode:

  • Breaking out and trusting your gut
  • Moving forward without a plan
  • The connection between thought and feeling
  • How to find clarity


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The way you feel about yourself and your life comes from within you, not from outside influences. Once you learn how to change the way you feel about your life, you can find the clarity you need for happiness and success.

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