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Operation Self Reset Episode 33: Find Your Flourishing Life

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Gail Brenner from AFlourishingLife.com.

Gail, a licensed therapist, spent years trying to find what could make her really happy. She lived with anxiety and an inner sense of agitation, as well as worries about the future. After living in this rut of unhappiness for so long, Gail eventually turned to some of the teachings of Buddhism that made her realize happiness was possible. She used this mindset along with meditation to help get out of the overwhelming anxiety that was taking over her life.

Many of us have a problem with letting negative thoughts about ourselves, our abilities, and our lives take over and stop us from finding happiness. Gail explains how these ridiculous negative thoughts we have aren’t true and are only limitations set by our own minds. Push past these negative thoughts to become the greatest self you can be! Your flourishing life is out there, you just have to be brave enough to find it.

So many people out there want to figure out what their life calling is. But is this question really what we should be asking ourselves? Is it possible that the search for a “life calling” can actually lead us to more negative emotions? We can become so obsessed with trying to determine what our life calling might be that we don’t realize what makes us happy right now, in this moment. When we let life unfold in a way that feels natural and good to us, we can find the happiness.

What is stopping you from being happy right now? Gail reminds us that it is absolutely possible to be happy in any moment of our lives, as long as we understand and face the obstacles in our way. Wherever you are in life, if you’re not truly happy, maybe it’s time to press pause, reflect on the current situation, and then hit the reset button to find your way to a beautiful, flourishing life.

Featured Quote of the Day

[quote style=”boxed”]Honor your values, your responsibilities, and your dreams. Cultivate these in balance, and their push, pull, and agitation will give you the direction, strength, and purpose to be and become yourself.” - Submitted by Justin at VentureCompanion.com[/quote]

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Here’s what Jake and Gail talked about in this episode:

• How to quiet the internal chatter in your head
• The Inner Critic
• The reality of the question “What is my life calling?”
• Not letting fear rule and guide your decisions

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Push past anxiety and fear to find your way to happiness and the life you want. You can either live with fear and remain stuck in the same place you’ve always been with the unhappiness that has clouded your life, or you can take that first step toward change, toward your flourishing life. The only limits on what you can do in your life are the ones you put on yourself.

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