At any time during your life, did you feel unhappy or lonely even though you were in a busy place? Did you feel angry even when there was nothing to be angry at? Or have you just felt panicked when you should be calm?

When you took a second to explore those feelings, what did you find?  Chances are you pushed those feeling back down into your gut and carried on with your life.  What would happen if you decided to explore that pain?

Would you relate the feelings of anger to your poor health, the feelings of stupidity to  letting an idea slip through your hands, or the feelings of disappointment to  your lack of confidence?

I remember my moment when I had those same pains, fears, and self disappointment.  It was on December 15, 2010, at 8:23 AM. On that morning, I turned twenty-six years old.  I woke up in bed lying alone, just thinking to myself.  I reflected on my past, present, and years to come.  When I thought of my future, I was sick to my stomach.

The gut-turning feelings I felt were not from my job, relationships, or money.  The pain was caused by knowing that I had greatness within. and that I was choosing not to be who I was born to be.

At that moment I told myself I had to take the journey I was meant to take.  It took two years of exploring to figure that journey out.   I read books, traveled, went to business startups, invented products, tried new activities, changed the way I ate, meditated, and talked to anyone who was more successful than I was; and then it hit me.

It was as simple as resetting Jake Nawrocki.  I changed the way I was, to the person I am today.  I did that by changing the way I thought, acted, and believed.

I thought differently because I wanted to discover why I was here on this earth.  I acted differently because I broke old habits that were not working and tried new techniques.  Most importantly, I believed in myself, knowing I would find greatness within.  There were times I wanted to give up, but I knew if I stayed dedicated, I would find what I was looking for.  I got out of my comfort zone and reset my life.

What I am telling you is not some crazy, ancient technique.  You already know the process on how to improve your life.  What separates people who have reset their lives for the better.  Compared to the people who have not. is obvious.  It comes down to the decisions that are made during our lives.  Our decisions alter who, what, and where we are every given second.

When we control our decisions, we can control the way we act, think, and believe.

How does a person create a million dollar company, sell it for triple what it’s worth, then within two years sells another company for the same amount?  How do they do all this while you and I continue to search for our first big break?

The answer is simple.  That person made a decision and then reached for it.  When we read about successful people, we want to know the journey about HOW they got to where they are, but the journey we read about will not help you and me.  Will we gain knowledge from their experiences? YES.  But will we succeed the way they did? Probably not.  Why is that? We can’t succeed in exactly the way someone else does because it’s not the phone numbers or websites that creates the million dollar company, it is their brain.  It is their mental focus, motivation, self-belief, and decisions that help push them towards glory.

What if I told you Operation Self Reset could help you become just like the successful people we talk about.  Crazy right!

I am here to help you find your mental focus, motivation, self-belief, and decisions making straits that will push yourself towards your own glory, no matter what it is.

Operation Self Reset can help you:

  • Have a successful mindset
  • Find your inner positive voice
  • Reset your financial future
  • Change your health
  • Find your true calling in life
  • Make the right decisions daily
  • Visualize to make dreams a reality
  • Become more social and outgoing
  • Creating lifelong and true friends
  • Build self confidence
  • Have that billionaire mindset
  • Create a goal plan that actually works

Join OSR and begin the journey you were meant to take.