do you know what I mean

The Art of Public Speaking: D’You Know what I Mean?

Making Your Words Mean More than Just Hot Air! You make your way to the center of the stage while a stream of sweat makes its […]
how to become 10

How to become a 10?

How to become a 10? That is the real question. In our lives we feel like we are selling ourselves short of success, right. If you […]
how to make success

How to make Success

Arnold Schwarzenegger 6 Rules For Success.  This is how to make success.  If you like this you will love my Operation Self Reset Podcast, CLICK HERE! […]
live your own life

Live Your Own Life, Break From The Herd. How to Follow yourself

You need to have enough courage to break away from the herd-mentality thinking. Following the crowd and doing what everyone else doing is hands down the worst way to live your life.
7 real reasons

7 Real Reasons Why Splenda Is Bad For You

Sucralose, also known as Splenda, has made a huge jump in use in recent years. The stuffing of those little yellow packets can be found in […]