stop popping adderall

Stop Poping Adderall, Focus You Will

It is obvious that keeping yourself focused at work can be challenging more often than not. It is a situation you see way too often. You […]
procrastination be gone

Procrastination Be Gone: Rid Yourself of the Curse of Procrastination!

“It started with procrastination.” This is how the conversation usually starts by many who have finally given up on searching for excuses for not getting their […]
7 steps self esteem

The Art of Building Up Your Low Self-Esteem In 7 Steps

1. Be Yourself, Because Everybody Else is Taken! Let’s face it, we are pretty much all on our own when it comes to taking care of […]
cool to be you

It’s Cool To Be You

It is cool to be you. Its cool to be honest. Its cool to be fair. Its cool to believe in you. Its cool to be […]
creative people say no

Creative People Say No

This is a great post that has some great insight into the word, “NO”.  I came across this article from Kevin Ashton you find the original […]