Who Has The Lowest IQ In The World In 2024? (Countries Listed)

To determine the success of a nation, it is best to measure the IQ of the country’s residents or the nation’s human intelligence quotient. Some experts have cited the average IQ of countries as one of the best indicators of a region’s health, revealing more than you may have already realized.

A healthy relationship with diet and exercise has been one of the most significant determinants of this nation’s success. The purpose of this foundation is to serve as a path that leads to high intelligence levels.

Among the countries that rank the best in IQ, Japan, China, and Singapore stand out as they have high educational standards and prestigious academic success. 

Nevertheless, many countries have low IQs, which may result from economic disputes or poor educational standards. Continue reading the article to explore the top countries with low IQ.

List Of 10 Countries With The Lowest IQ In The World 

Here is the list of 10 Countries With The Lowest IQ, literacy rate, and population.

CountryIQLiteracy RatePopulation
Sierra Leone45.0748.43%8,791,092
The Gambia52.982,773,168
Ivory Coast58.1643.27%28,873,034
South Sudan58.1631.98%11,088,796

1. Nepal – 42.99


At the base of the Himalayas in South Asia, Nepal plays the role of a brutal and visually stunning nation. A landlocked country, Nepal is equally known as the gateway to one of the world’s highest mountains, Mount Everest, the tallest peak in the world.

The weather and availability of essential resources in this nation are both extremes, contributing to the difficulty of life. The consistent lack of nutrition that children are exposed to at birth makes it difficult for them to attain a long-term education.

Taking all the above factors into account, Nepal has the lowest IQ of all nations in the world, measuring an average of 42.99 on a scale of 100. A person’s IQ is a measure of their intelligence; the average IQ globally is 82.03, meaning Nepal ranks well below the average IQ worldwide.

2. Liberia – 45.07


Despite its 39th ranking, Liberia ranks among the second lowest IQ countries in the world. It is located on the coast of West Africa and is one of the countries with the largest population. 

In the northwest of the country is Sierra Leone, in the north is Guinea, in the east is Ivory Coast, and in the south and southwest is the Atlantic Ocean, with Guinea bordering it to its north, mid, and northeast. 

Often when people look at the list of IQ scores, they wonder why there are so few of them. This list of low IQ scores is due to the lack of educational opportunities offered to students within the country and the continued economic crisis.

3. Sierra Leone – 45.07

Sierra Leone

This tiny African nation, Sierra Leone, is located on the west coast of the continent on the west side of the country. Throughout this nation’s history, we have experienced various upheavals and have been occupied by Great Britain for an extended period until 1961.

The first university built in a Western style was built in Sierra Leone, and due to that country’s long colonial history, English is widely spoken there. While this country has many natural resources, like gold and diamonds, and is heavily dependent on agricultural production, it relies heavily on manual labour because of the abundance of natural resources.

Having an average IQ of 45.07, Sierra Leone ranks as the 198th lowest IQ nation in the world.

4. Guatemala – 47.72


Guatemala is ranked 28th on the World Ranking List, along with Sri Lanka and Zambia. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most developed countries in Central America, yet its overall intelligence is low due to the economic crisis that has hit the country. 

With 2.8 thousand kilometres of motorways, the country has an extensive network.

You can take advantage of many things to do here, including learning about the incredible history and heritage of May civilization, exploring the exotic nature of tropical moist forests, and experimenting with authentic local cuisine. 

Moreover, this country possesses a lower IQ score, as a whole, than countries with a higher IQ score, so it has less development, which is especially true in terms of education than countries with a higher IQ score.

5. The Gambia – 52.98

The Gambia

According to an IQ test conducted by the World Population Review, the Gambia is one of the low IQ countries in Africa. Regarding IQ, the Gambia ranks 50th with a score of 52.98. Economically it is a country with a low IQ, and it is a lower backward country, which is one of the main reasons for the low IQ. 

The majority of the population is engaged in agriculture as their primary activity. Tourism is the only major sector of the country’s economy since there are no railways and few other major industries, so it lags compared to its growing competitors. 

6. Nicaragua – 52.69


Based on survey data, this nation is located in Central America and ranked 193 on the list of the nations with the lowest IQ (52.99) in the world. This Latin American nation is situated in a narrow strip of Spanish-speaking countries near the equator and has also experienced brutal historical events – similar to many of the nations you would find at the bottom of your IQ list.

Nicaragua struggles to provide a positive environment to its citizens due to many of its citizens being on the frontlines of drug wars and violence.

The concept of self-efficacy has been adapted by one study to refute this reputation due to the low IQ of citizens in Nicaragua.

7. Guinea – 53.48


The average IQ of Guineans is 53.48, making Guinea one of the top one hundred and eighty-seventh countries worldwide for average IQ. 

This lower IQ is primarily caused by a lack of quality education and nutritional satisfaction, both essential to developing cognitive abilities and skills. 

Since the beginning of the century, Guinea has experienced a wide range of political unrest, which has led to an increase in economic hardship, and few resources are available for education. 

Many factors have contributed to the country’s overall intelligence quotient (IQ) score, which continues to be a significant challenge moving forward.

8. Ghana – 58.16


As one of the low IQ countries, Ghana ranked 33 on the World Ranking List, with the lowest IQ at 58.16. It seems reasonable to ask, however, that there is a reason for this relatively low intelligence level. Ghana remains a democratic country as well as a relatively wealthy and developed country in comparison to African standards. 

Not a beggar, for sure. Here, they are not starved. In comparison to other countries in West Africa, Ghana has a relatively broad range of natural resources that are worth taking advantage of. So what has led to low political turmoil growing significantly in the country? 

9. Ivory Coast – 58.16

Ivory Coast

As a country in West Africa, the Ivory Coast sits on the southern coast of the Gulf of Guinea, directly in the middle of the country. An area of 322,460 km2 (124,502 mi2) lies within the land mass, while a coastline of 515 km (320.0 mi) runs along the land mass. In terms of land area, this land area contributes to approximately 80% of California’s land area. 

Consequently, the Ivory Coast is ranked 69th in terms of size in the world by area and 28th in terms of population, with a population density of 52.5 and a GDP per capita of 8.5. As a result, IQ tests and other forms of this disruption continue to disrupt traditional life today.

As Ivory Coast lacks natural resources to share with other nations, it is incredibly self-reliant and resilient. Another metric of success that IQ tests cannot measure.

10. South Sudan – 58.61

South Sudan

A high average IQ for South Sudan, where the average IQ is 58.61, ranks one hundred eighty-fourth of all the countries in the world based on average IQ. 

Health deficiencies, poor education, and nutritional deficiencies are likely to contribute to South Sudan’s low average intelligence quotient, along with war-related stressors such as displacements and the hunger that comes with displacements. 

Although national and international organizations have been making an effort to improve access to essential services, including infrastructure for public health services, the availability of these services still needs to be improved in many parts of the country.

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These were some of the ten countries with the Lowest IQ In The World. These land on the low IQ list for several reasons, from not being actively supported by the government and being economically backward to having a low level of education. Asia may appear to be the top region for global IQ, while Africa holds down the bottom, but there are many more factors at play than appear on the surface. IQ is just one of the many factors that determine the success of the many different, rich, fascinating, and complex nations we have on our planet, and it is only one metric to measure success.


140 IQ is good or bad?

IQ is a relative concept that can change from person to person, so there is yet to be a definitive answer to this question. Despite this, a 140 IQ level is considered high, which could help someone gain a position at the top of their field if they had it.

How does one define brilliant IQ?

It depends on each individual’s interpretation of what greatness means to them. An IQ of 130 or above is one of the highest IQs.

Which country has the lowest IQ?

Regarding average IQ levels, Nepal has the lowest average IQ, having a level of 42.99 on average.

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