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I am Jacob Nawrocki the creator of the Operation Self Reset blog and podcast. In Operation Self Reset Podcast I reveals tips, stories, and strategies to help you transform your thinking and to transform your life. It is not too late to begin living the life you have always dreamed of.

When I turned twenty-six, he did not like where my life was headed. He embarked on a two year quest of self discovery before finding his path. During his journey, I met and talked with world-renown gurus about life, motivation, self-improvement, finding inspiration, the universe, meditation, mindset, and goal setting.  I used the information I learned and took the necessary steps to resetting my thinking to become the successful person I had always wanted to be.

Operation Self Reset podcast is here to help you find your reset button on life. This podcast will help you reset your habits, motivation, decisions, feelings, self confidence, energy, money, job, friends, relationship, mindset, and enjoyment of life.
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