Episode 133: Regain motivation after vacation


This episode is a solo talk where Jake is chatting about lessons learned during an all inclusive vacation in beautiful Mexico. He enjoyed the company of his extended family and a bunch of friends.

The first lesson shared by Jake is that we need to fully enjoy our vacation and make the most out of every dollar we paid for it. This time of the the year is the time you could make a few exceptions from your strict healthy eating habits. The only caveat here is to not go overboard.

The second lesson is to not get hurt in Mexico. His son got burned with his wife curling iron and he did not have any medical supplies with them. They took the kid to the EMT who did not speak English and only provided rudimentary and inappropriate care to him. Make sure you have some supplies with you in case you do get hurt.

The third lesson is to discover that speck of gold that lies within you. During the flight back home, Jake’s third-year old son started making a tantrum due to extreme tiredness; basically, he just wanted to be cuddled – , but his parents did not want to give in. Jake and his wife have their own parenting style that is personal to them and different from that of other people.  By sticking with their parenting style, in spite of other people rolling their eyes and his sister giving him the evil eye, they are allowing their kids to have their gold shine through; the are allowing them to work through it without the pressure of the external world.

Upon arriving home, in the middle of the night, the washer machine and the hot water heater were broken and water was filling the basement. Perfect scenario for a fresh work-life start after the vacation, right?

No, after coming back home, Jake still wanted to act like he did in the vacation, to eat like he did during his vacation. Basically, he lacked motivation.

Here is what Jake thinks he should have done pre-trip so that he would have a smooth transition from vacation to work:

  • lay down a to do list on a piece of paper on his table. When you don’t feel like doing anything, you just waste time on social media and anywhere else. But when you know what you need to do, you are ready to thick things off the list.
  • clean his office, which was a hot mess prior to the vacation.

If you do these two things next time when you go on vacation, it will help you to regain your motivation after your vacation.

Additionally, these things helped Jake regain his motivation:

  • food shopping (wheat grass, oatmeal, oils and the things he usually ingests) and restarting his morning routine
  • reading
  • reviewing his goals

Here’s what Jake said, in a nutshell:

  • Enjoy your vacation to the fullest
  • Be ready for the unexpected
  • Discover the speck of gold that lies within you
  • Strategies to regain your motivation after your vacations

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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
Motivational speaker, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Owner, and Life Coach.

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