Building a world of worth with Wesley Chapman

Jake and guest speaker Wesley Chapman are diving into the topic of parenting and at the same time addressing the question: “What is going on with the next generation?”

Having a powerful life story, Wesley Chapman, the founder of A human project, shares with great passion his experiences in various roles: as an entrepreneur, as a father, as an advocate for humanity.   

Here’s what’s been covered in a nutshell:

  • The journey background for A human project begins with the reality that we are losing lives every year. We lose them because of  global reasons and personal reasons in the shape of abandonment, neglect, abuse etc.  
  • In order to overcome and move forward in life “you don’t have to be defined by your past”.  Even though in his childhood, psychologists saw “a broken vessel” with no chances for becoming a responsible father, Wesley Chapman shares that he lived a life changing moment once he became a father, and a very responsible one, mind you.
  • Pain becomes a growing lesson for the people who are willing to listen to its life lessons and learn from them.  But the biggest problem in our society today is that it is losing “the art of communication”.  The very thing we are longing for: empathy, love and understanding are further from us because we no longer value genuine communication.
  • A human project is about working with young children.  The most common themes are: expectations and communication.  One of the most challenging tasks has become the management of expectations, which is so much needed in child development.  
  • As Wesley Chapman describes the analogy of hiking he reiterates that the more things we pick up in our life journey and choose to carry on with ourselves, the more we will struggle to keep a balanced life.
  • The way in which you define success will show you where your priorities are.  No matter how we choose to define success, Wesley Chapman pinpoints that: we have a responsibility of stewardship towards our children, our goals must be prioritized, we must respect time and set up boundaries.  
  • To reset means improving the foundation you have been building upon and sometimes going back to that primary foundation to make sure the same values were kept during construction.  





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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
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