osrpodcast107Operation Self Reset Episode 107: Rise Up With Tom Crawshaw

This week Jake is speaking with the founder of the Rise Up Academy, Tom Crawshaw.

Tom grew up as most people do, with his parents teaching him that it was important to get good grades. So he studied hard, got good grades in school, and went off to university…and then dropped out after three months. His studies in aviation engineering just weren’t keeping his interest, but Tom wasn’t sure where he should go from there. The only thing he could think of was going to a different university. So he enrolled in one closer to home and this time studied meteorology. Again, it wasn’t keeping his interest, but Tom didn’t know what else to do. During that time, Tom was walking home drunk one night when he was approached by three guys. He tried to run, but tripped and the guys caught him. They stabbed him in the stomach, cutting a major artery, and demanded his things. Tom was left bleeding to death on the road, barely conscious and not knowing exactly where he was.

Tom spent the next few months in recovery, learning to walk again, and realizing just how close he had come to death. This experience made Tom realize that he didn’t want to go back to university and to classes he had no interest in. He wanted to really explore himself and his life to figure out where he belonged and what really made him happy. From there, Tom found his way to creating his service, PT Mastermind, which helps fitness experts focus and boost their marketing and outreach.

Since then, Tom has also created the Rise Up Academy, where he uses his own experiences to help and teach others. The fear that you have when you jump out of an airplane is the same neurological response you get when you speak to a stranger for the first time. Learning to handle that fear through adventure can help in your day to day life and let you experience more opportunities.

Tom reminds us that our perception of the world is based on experiences that have created a story we’re living out. Listen in as he talks about how to change that story and write a new one for yourself.

Here’s what Jake and Tom talked about in this episode:

  • Controlling fear
  • Things that stop people from pushing themselves
  • How your mindset impacts your day
  • That “magic pill”
  • Journaling the positive and negative
  • The 4 A’s – How to set up your life

Mentioned in this episode:

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Jake Nawrocki
Jake Nawrocki
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